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How to Replace a Damaged Roof Jack

How to Replace a Damaged Roof Jack


Roof jack is one of the important equipment that a person puts in his concern while beginning the remodeling process of his house roof. Roof jacks are used often to receive and cover the venting duct pipe from kitchen and bath fans. Positioning roof jack is an effort taking job, but replacing a damaged roof jack is not just a job of effort, but also a job of presence of mind as well as presence of skills as a single damaged roof jack can really be a trouble for you sometimes. In order to replace a damages roof vent jack at home, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Replace a Damaged Roof Jack

How to Replace a Damaged Roof Jack

1. Things to be remembered:-

If you are using a ladder in order to climb the roof, it is better that you take all your equipments in one of your jacket’s pockets or a bucket tucked up with your ladder. Keep in kind also changing the damaged shingles along with change of damages roof jack. You can also wear a tool belt if you find it impossible for yourself to hold multiple things at the same time.

2. Purchase a new roof jack matching the same specifications:-

Go and inspect the roof jack first. Note down its specifications on a paper to purchase a new jack. Measure the size of existing roof jack, the diameter of pipe etc. and note it down on the same paper. Make sure that you purchase a new jack with same specifications and then bring it to your house. If multiple roof jacks need to be changed, you can purchase multiple roof jacks using the same approach.

3. Lift the shingle from damaged roof jack:-

Now when you are home with a new roof jack to be replaced with the old roof jack, we can lift the roof shingles from damaged roof jack after removing the nails holding shingles and then we can slide the shingle out. Pry bar can be used if necessary. Pry the damaged one and then slide it off the vent pipe. Pry up the old jack and then we can slide the new roof jack afterwards to fix it.

4. Slide a New Roof Jack Sized to Fir the Vent Pipe:-

The old and damaged roof jack will be out like this. Just slide the new roof jack over the vent pipe and secure it to the roof using nails. Look, if the old shingles can be re-used and then slide them back in place or use new shingles fixing them up with the help of nails in such a way that nails are covered by shingles above them.

5. Secure the New Roof Jack to the Roof Decking With Roofing Nails:-

Now we will tap the edge of new roof jack in order to bend the sharp edges of it. Let the shingles fit around the jack and then nail the shingles down with roofing nails. A hammer can be bought in use to make the sharp edges get bent and this way we will be able to secure the new jack to roof decking with roofing nails.


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