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How to Replace a Broken zipper on Jeans

How to Repair Your Old Jeans Zip


It has been seen that many a times when you try to zip your jeans, it gets either broken or completely separated. This makes you feel really stumbled when you are getting late for your office. It is all a matter of tightness of the zip or the space between the attachments that causes this and sometimes the zipper is too weak that it gets broken when you try to chain up the zip. A broken or separated zip does not mean that the entire jeans should be thrown, but instead you can repair it back using some tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Replace a Broken zipper on Jeans

How to Replace a Broken zipper on Jeans

1. Press It with Linesman Pliers:-

In order to repair your old jeans zip, you can press it with a linesman plier first. Remember not to apply excess pressure as it may break the zipper. You have to press the zipper gently amongst the two sides of linesman pliers and then you can try zipping your chain. It will start working.

2. Use Wax While Zipping:-

If it still does not start working, you can manage to check if there is some thread struck into the chain. Remove that thread first and then apply some wax with that part of the chain. Press it with linesman pliers now and try zipping it. It will get perfect this way.

3. Position a New Zipper:-

Sometimes, the zipper is weak or it gets tempered or broken after a long time of usage. In such cases you just need to remove a stitch from the lower end of zip in order to take the zipper out and you can position another zipper of the same size with the chain. Stitch the lower end again like it was done before and your jeans will get as good as new.

4. Change the Entire Zip:-

If the entire zip is gone useless, you can replace it with a new zip unstitching the old zip and stitching a new one in its place. The stitches of zip should be unstitched by making the jeans get inverted inside out first of all and then you can use an unstitching blade or scissor to cut the stitches to affix a new chain instead of it.

5. Use Buttons In Order To Affix The Zip:-

If none of the above mentioned approaches works for you, you can try stitching some buttons with your zip and you can button up those buttons in order to close the chain. This process is time saving as well as money saving and even the buttons do not flash out if you use pin buttons or chit buttons instead of the stitch buttons.


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