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How to Repair Corrupted DLL Files in Windows 7

How to Repair DLL Files in Windows-7


DLL files, or Dynamic Link Libraries are the files that contain a collection or group of executable functions and information which can be bought in use by a variety of Windows based programs. Such file cannot run on its own and it is loaded and bought in use by an “exe” file. It a DLL becomes corrupt or starts to misbehave, many parts of your operating system can get affected because of this. You will need professional software like “Win Doctor Pro” for dealing with the repair of such files. In order to repair a DLL file in Windows-7, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Repair Corrupted DLL Files in Windows 7

How to Repair Corrupted DLL Files in Windows 7

1. Know Why DLL’s get Corrupt:-

In order to know how to repair DLL files, you should first know the reason why such files get corrupted. The constantly installing and uninstalling programs in your computer are a major factor behind this which causes an overwrite of DLL files and the applications which still need the old ones to operate thus start misbehaving. Sometimes there are two DLL files competing with each other to accomplish an operation thinking that it is their responsibility to accomplish it and the files get corrupted because of this conflict.

2. Isolate the File Which Is Corrupt:-

Now when you know what exactly makes the DLL file corrupt, you can look for the DLL file which is the root cause of error in order to isolate it first. If your computer displays you with a message that a particular file is corrupt, go with the instructions on your screen for this purpose or click the message in order to isolate that file.

3. Go For a Deep-System Scan:-

A deep system scan can prove to reduce your problem in such a case. Such software will first highlight and isolate all such missing/corrupt DLL files and then it will fix the problems in order to repair the DLL files. Windows doctor/avast antivirus/ Deep scan Nortron software or Nortron antivirus software and other such software can prove to be an ideal helping approach in such cases. Just get a software copy, install it and use it to perform a deep system scan in this step.

4. Click Repair Option When Message gets displayed:-

I am currently using an Avast antivirus on my system. When there is a corrupt DLL file in my system, it displays me with a message “Corrupt file detected” same will be the case with every such software and all of them will display you with a message when a corrupt file gets detected. When you click such a message, the software also facilitates you with the option to repair those files and once you click that message, the isolation and repair is all done by the software itself.

5. Use Win Doctor “Pro”:-

Most of the software that you download from the free application based websites are actually just the trial versions which come feature locked which means most of the features can only be bought in use once you purchase the “Pro” version. Amongst all the software with “Pro” versions available, the most trusted one in this direction is “Win Doctor Pro” software that facilitates you with options not to just detect a particular corrupt DLL file, but also performs a system scan and provides you with the options to repair such files as well.


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