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How to Repair an Electric Flat Iron

How to Repair an Iron


An iron is an electronic appliance which works on the principle of heat induction in order to iron your clothes. The stretch marks on your clothes get removed this way and you get perfectly ironed and creased clothes for yourself. These days, electric irons are available in a great variety. Some come available with an inbuilt steaming function also but if once something goes wrong with it, your problems will get increased as mechanics charge you with a big sum to repair this small equipment. You can repair an iron yourself with the help of these simple tips.

How to Repair an Electric Flat Iron

How to Repair an Electric Flat Iron

1. Unscrew the Iron:-

If you take up or grab the iron from its base, you will see a black plastic plate fixed at its base with screw holes in it. You have to unscrew these screws with a screwdriver in order to remove the plastic plate. Keep the plastic plate aside now. While performing this step, you should double check that the electric power should be switched off and your iron should not be plugged in.

2. Look If The Wire Ends Are Attached Properly:-

After removing the plastic plate, you will see the wire circuit. There will be three wire connections. Two rods like cylindrical pillars will be connected with the respective two wires of your iron cable and the earthing wire will be connected underneath to another screw. If any of these connections if broken, simply make the connection again.

3. Test the Presence of Current with a Tester:-

In order to check if the connections are perfect or not, you will need to connect the electric iron with the electricity switch now. Switch on the electric iron putting on your slippers and then use a tester in order to check the presence of electric current. If no light glows in the tester, there is some fault in the electric circuit, but if the light glows, your electric iron has started working.

4. Open up the Wire Plug to Test it:-

In case no indicator light glows in your electric iron, you will need to check your wire plug first. Simply unscrew the wire cable in order to check the wire-plug connection or try attaching another cable instead of this cable with your electric iron. Check the circuit again with the tester. The indicator light will start glowing if your iron has been repaired.

5. Changing the Handle:-

In some of the cases, there is no damage to the circuit, but the iron handle gets damaged, in such cases you can unscrew the plastic body of your electric iron in order to remove the upper handle and you can change it with another one bringing it from some iron spare parts shop.

6. Changing The Water And Cleaning The Steam Water Storage Tank:-

In case of steam iron, you can clean and remove the water first from your iron’s water storage unit and then you can clean it up in order to make it start functioning. You should never open up an electric iron if it is under guarantee as a guarantee means free repair of your equipment by reaching its customer care centre. The guarantee gets void if you open up the screws of your iron and thus you should not take risk of repair if it is under guarantee.


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