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5 Steps to Renew your Driving License Quickly

How to Renew Drivers License


It is a driving rule that you need a license so as to drive anywhere. There are two types of licenses to drive on Indian roads and one amongst these is a heavy license and one is light license. The heavy license is used so as to drive professional big vehicles and if you need to drive your private vehicles, you may choose to go for light license. After you have got a license, it remains valid for a desired time that has been mentioned as validity on it and you need to renew it after a specific time.

5 Steps to Renew your Driving License Quickly - HowFlux

How to Renew your Driving License Quickly

1. The essential requirements to be fulfilled:-

First of all, If you have got an old license that you need to renew, you will need to take it along with some documents like address proof, your photographs etc so as to deposit it to the concerned government offices and get a license renewal. All these documents will be needed when you will reach the respective license renewal office so as to go for the further approaches.

2. If You Are Having A Professional License:-

If you have got a professional heavy license with you, even that can be renewed after a specific validity for it ends and you will need to go for a driving training or driving test that is done for a day in the respective transport office and then the license will be renewed. Rest of the procedure will stay the same as in the case of a light license.

3. If  You Are Having A Light License:-

If you need to go for having a light license renewed, you may choose to go to the respective license issuing office and meet the respective officer to get it renewed. You will need to submit all the documents that I mentioned with the requisite department and then get it renewed from there after filling off the desired application form for it.

4. The Office That You Need To Reach:-

There are dedicated government registered license issuing and license renewal offices in every district where you can go so as to get the license renewed or if you are a working person who does not have enough time so as to spare a day for going to get the license renewed, you may even seek to take the help of middlemen involved that will get the formalities made for you and you will just need to spare an hour from your schedule so as to reach the office and get the photograph clicked for license renewal.

5. A Nominal Fees Is Required:-

A nominal charge is taken from you so as to renew the license and after you have got the photo clicked after reaching the specific license issuing office, your license renewal file will be proceeded and then after the license gets renewed with a new validity and your recent photograph displayed on it, the license is then signed by the associated head and then issued to you so as to use it while driving and show it to the traffic police officers when they ask you about it.


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