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How to Renew Australian Passport

How to Renew Australian Passport


Passport can be understood as a travel document that is usually issued by a country’s government that certifies the identity and nationality of the holder to the purpose of international travel. This document simply contains the holder’s name, date of birth, photograph, signature and all the other such information that can be bought in use to identify him. The Australian government issues passport to its inhabitants to allow them move across or out of the country and this passport needs to be renewed after a certain period of time.

How to Renew Australian Passport

How to Renew Australian Passport

1. Filling up The Passport Renewal Form:-

Take up the old passport that was issued with your name and reach the regional passport issuing office with it. Fill a passport renewal form and attach the requisite documents with it. You might even be asked to meet the participating post office or the concerned authorities for the enquiries.

2. In Case The Passport Got Stolen:-

In case your passport got stolen or you meet any case of theft, the passport won’t be renewed and instead you will have to go for the police report first and then the passport will be renewed with all the attached documents including the police verification report and the other documents needed to issue the passport again. You can also choose to go for the online assistance for it as well.

3. Australian Passport Helpline:-

If there is anything that you feel doubtful about, simply call the Australian Passport Information Service at 131232 to seek for telephonic assistance from the concerned department. The operator will attend your call and bring about the desired information to you on the specific topic that you need to be counselled about.

4. Online Renewal Form:-

If you seek to go for the operator’s help by calling up the helpline number, You can choose to ask the operator to send you the renewal form on your email I.D with all the requisite personal details filled in it and you simply have to take a print out of it and then go for the further approaches by signing it and then lodging it in person.

5. Issuing Authority:-

The Australian Post is the proper issuing authority that is responsible for the issuing and renewal of your passport. The issue you a passport after checking and verifying all your documents and details personally. If they feel doubtful about something, You might even be called in the concerned office and the renewed passport will be issued to you after they finish verifying your details.


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