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How to Remove Water from the Inner Ear

How to Remove Water from the Ear


Water in the ear is a problem much common with people who take bath under shower or swim in swimming pools. It often gets difficult to get water out of ears in such a case and the person feels helpless. When there is water in your ear, though you are able to hear, but still the quality of sound heard is bad and low as compared to the normally heard sound. This problem can take place with anyone and there is no problem even if you are experiencing it as there is wax in the ears, which prevents water from getting much deep into the ear, but sometimes  water gets trapped somewhere inside and in such cases, these tips can be bought in use:-

How to Remove Water from the Inner Ear

How to Remove Water from the Inner Ear

1. Adjust the angle of your neck:-

First of all, tilt your head sideways. Keep your head tilted for sometime while standing in the open. The water drops will get ejected soon. If it still does not happens, just keep the ear parallel to the ground and the water will surely get ejected out of your ear.

2. Sit under the Sun:-

Sit under the sun and follow the same tilted head approach while taking every care about your neck.
The water will soon eject out of your ears. It is better that you keep cotton stuffed in your outer portion of ear to soak all the water which comes in contact with it. The cotton should be kept limited to the outer portion only. It should not get much deep.

3. Create a Vacuum:-

When we have to clean a place which is beyond our reach, you use vacuum cleaner. Vacuum means a place where there is no air and vacuum cleaning means cleaning by removing the air using a device that soaks up air. In this approach we can use a rubber funnel against the air to first fix it over the ear and then keep the head tilted in order to create vacuum around the ear and remove all the water stuck inside.

4. Use Hair Dryer:-

Vacuum cleaning of ear may sound a bit dangerous to some people. Is not it? Well, in such cases, you can use your hair dryer to get rid of water struck in your ears. Just switch on the hair dryer while still keeping your head tilted and use that hair dryer to blow warm air inside your ear. The water will soon move outside.

5. A Simple Trick:-

Here is a simple trick that I always bring in use when my ear gets clogged with water. I just close my mouth and pinch my nostrils closing them with my fingers. I take a deep breath afterwards and then gently blow air out of my nose to regulate the pressure of air. This will open up Eustachian tubes and water will also get removed out of your ear.

6. Heat Therapy:-

Some people also recommend heat therapy to get water out of ears. In this approach, we use a heat compress method to let the fluid escape easily. We just dip a piece of cloth in warm water and then we place it against the ear with water in it. The water gets removed easily this way.


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