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How to Remove Virus Without using Antivirus Software

how to delete virus without antivirus software


An antivirus is an application which makes it possible for you to delete or format viruses from your computer. Without anti-virus software, it seems like impossible for an individual to format the viruses or to delete them and there are some malware software which once installed floor your system with junk. It fills our mind with a fear when we hear about system viruses as they are supposed to make our files corrupt. Though such viruses can be best removed with an antivirus, but you can also perform the virus removal task following these simple tips without antivirus software:-

How to Remove Virus Without using Antivirus Software

How to Remove Virus Without using Antivirus Software

1. Removing the Malicious Software from Control Panel:-

There is some malicious software which once installed, start displaying countless advertisements on your screen while surfing on internet. Some applications are also made for spying on your system and some others are virus infected designated to create their own copies after reaching your hard drive. In order to remove such malicious programs, you can take the help of windows task manager.

  • Open up the Task Manager:- Press control key, Alt key and delete key all the three at a same time. This will switch the computer to the task manager mode and you will be able to see all the running files and programs.
  • Check the Number of Unfamiliar Programs:- From the list of running programs and files, now you will have to choose the ones which you do not recognize.
  • End the Process:- Simply end the process if you feel doubtful about it and note its name on a piece of paper. This can be the virus that we are looking for.
  • Reach the Control Panel to Delete Malicious Softwares:- Click the start button now. Click all programs button and a list of all the programs installed in your computer will thus get displayed. Now you can delete all the unknown files and malicious programs in order to get rid of viruses without an anti-virus.


2. Format the Drive:-

In case you do not get benefited with control panel and task manager based approach, you can also get rid of the viruses from your computer using the manual approach for doing the same.

  • Locate the Malicious Files in Drive:- Simply double click my computer icon in order to reach each drive connected to your computer. Now locate any malicious file stored on them or any unrecognized file which you do not need.
  • Delete them One By One:- All such files which are either unrecognized or you do not know from where did they come into your computer should be deleted. You can delete such files one by one or you can simply delete the complete folder.
  • Format the Entire Drive:- If there are multiple such files/folders, you can format the entire drive by right clicking its icon and clicking the format drive option.
  • Repair the Corrupt Files:- If you see any recognized, but corrupt file, you can use a file repair tool in order to make such file get recovered back.
  • Remove the Corrupt Files:- In case any corrupt file does not get repaired using the repair tool, you should delete it permanently from the system. All the viruses will get deleted this way without even actually using anti-virus software.


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