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6 Steps to Remove Virus from Computer Windows

How to Remove Virus from Computer


Viruses are something that is unwanted. Some viruses eat up your disk space by creating their own copies and thus there is no disk space left while the others make your system slow. The viruses are likely to multiply them and make their copies and can really be a trouble sometimes like in the case of Trojan Horse that is counted amongst the most threatful viruses to the computer system and in order to remove these viruses from your computer system, you need to follow some simple approaches that I am mentioning here.

6 Steps to Remove Virus from Computer Windows - HowFlux

How to Remove Virus from Computer Windows

1. Get An Antivirus Installed In Your Device:-

First of all, you are advised to download some good antivirus application in your gadget like that of Avast or Kasper sky, or quick heal, etc. You are advised to get a full year version instead of the trial version as the trial version might sound to be cheap for you, but it will get inactive after a desired limit of time and thus taking a full year version will save your system against viruses for a full year.

2. Go For Scan Of Every External Device Attached To Your Computer:-

Simply downloading the antivirus won’t benefit you at all and instead you will need to go for the disk scan as well. Simply install the antivirus software, run it and then make the entire system get scanned with it so as to remove every sort of infected files from it. Some people think that they need not go for any antivirus, but let me tell you that every time you open a web page on your device, your system is at a threat of getting infected with a virus and thus antivirus is needed.

3. Reinstall The Windows In Your System:-

You may even choose to go for reinstalling the windows son as to get the viruses removed from the system as when the windows will be reinstalled, the system will format everything in the disk and this way all the viruses in it will also get eliminated and that too in a easy way.

4. Keep On Making Regular Scans of Your Computer:-

If you have made a single scan of your device does not means that It will stay protected against the viruses in future as well. Every time an external or unknown device is connected to your computer, it is equally likely to leave some viruses if it was infected and thus you should go for a virus scan every week so as to avoid any infection of your system with viruses from external devices.

5. Do Not Open The Malicious Mails:-

You are advised not to open any suspected mails that are supposed to carry viruses with them. Doing so will prevent your system from getting infected and you will be able to keep your system free from viruses like Trojan horse this way.

6. Never Attach Any Malicious External Device To Your Computer:-

You are advised not to attach any malicious device with your computer device so as to make it get rid of the viruses in a better way. Even if it is necessary to connect some external device, make sure to scan it before copying the data.


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