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How to Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD and Antivirus

How to Remove Shortcut Virus


Often when we plug in a memory device like a memory card or a pen drive to a computer or laptop that is virus infected, there is a shortcut kind of option created in the memory unit that has got all the data that you had earlier stored in the device. This shortcut so created is basically a virus that does not go even after you run an antivirus scan sometimes. In order to remove shortcut virus, various approaches can be employed some of which are as follows:-

How to Remove Shortcut Virus

How to Remove Shortcut Virus

1. Go for a Device Format If the Data is not important:-

In order to remove a shortcut virus, the best way to be applied serves to be the device format or to install new windows. Both these options make you lose all the data that you had earlier on the device which is why it can be only bought into use if you can compromise with the files stored in that device.

2. Use the Shortcut Virus Removal Tool:-

In case the files that are stored on your device are valuable and you can’t compromise deleting or formatting the entire device, you may choose to get a shortcut virus removal tool installed in the system and then using that tool, all the shortcut viruses can be eliminated from the device.

3. Get the Professional Version of Antivirus:-

The problem with limited or trial versions of antivirus is that most of them are enabled with limited features and even if you have gone for an antivirus scan, still there may be some of the shortcut viruses left in the computer if you are making use of the limited versions because of which we advise you to get a professional anti virus software installed in your device as the features are never limited with a professional anti virus.

4. Scan the Device Once Again:-

You next approach follows you to go for the multiple scans of your system. One for the entire hard drive and the other for various parts of it along with the external or internal memory attachments as the virus may be there in any one of these.

5. Unhide the Files First Using CMD Prompt:-

Some files are hidden and if the virus is there in these files, obviously it won’t get removed from the system as the anti virus would be able to view only the shown files. You may choose to make use of the CMD prompt first of all, in order to make these files visible and then you may choose to make an anti virus scan so as to get the best results.

6. Do Not Auto Play the Contents of the Memory Unit That You Are having:-

The problem with some people is that they click on the auto play option with every memory device plugged into the USB ports that immediately makes the virus enter the system which is why we advise you to first scan every external device and then to go for using it. You may also choose to go for the USB fix software which is destined to clean and clear every sort of viruses that are there in your USB device.


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