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How Should you Remove Pubic Hairs Safely

How Do Females Remove Pubic Hair


Hair in the front genital area of adolescent or adult humans is called Pubic hair. Such type of hair generally grows around sex organs, underarms, and crotch and sometimes even at the top of the inside of the thighs in the pubic region around the pubis bone. There is an age when our body starts experiencing such changes and after that time we experience an age of maturity finally making us able to become parents. In case of women, puberty makes them gain a slow pitch voice and hair start growing on their private parts including sex organs, under arms etc. In order to get rid of pubic hair on their body, women follow the following steps:-

How Should you Remove Pubic Hairs at Home Safely

How Should you Remove Pubic Hairs at Home

1. Waxing Strips/Waxing:-

Wax for removing pubic hair is available on simply every departmental store and cosmetic store. Waxing to remove hair can be really painful sometimes and thus this approach is brought into use with some selected places only. These days waxing strips have also arrived in the market which causes less pain when you bring them into use.

2. Shaving in Some Other Cases:-

Shaving your pubic hair with a razor blade or trimming them with the help of an electric trimmer is another option. The drawback with a razor blade is that it gives you a clean shave and when you get a clean shave, the roots of your hair often itch or prick. Though trimming with the help of an electric trimmer is somewhat better option as it does not give you a close shave.

3. Threading of Hair:-

Threading of hair is an option that women bring in use to remove hair with the help of a thread twisting and whirling it by making a combination of it with their mouth and fingers. This approach suffers a drawback as you can’t remove your underarm hairs with it and neither can it be bought in use to remove all the hair at a particular place, but if you have a thick single hair like the ones which grow at any of the lower portion front places of your body, you can easily pluck it off with this approach.

4. Hair Removal Creams:-

Hair removal creams are simply the best substitute for hair removal. In this approach, women use cream bleach in order to apply it to their pubic place and then they remove it off with the help of a spatula provided with the cream after keeping it applied for a while.

5. Scissor Trimming:-

Trimming your pubic hair with a small scissor never causes you a pain and neither has it caused any itching or prickling problem. It never gives you a close shave, but instead you just reduce the length of your pubic hair using this approach. The pubic hairs thus get short in length and they get less complaining.

6. Developing New Shapes Sometimes:-

Some women these days do not take their underarm hair as a drawback and instead you can see several women with unshaved underarms as well. Some even make experiments with their pubic hair in order to arouse their partner. Some also use a single blade in order to pick a selected portion of their hair and trim, them off with it. Trimming with a sharp blade can be hazardous sometimes and you should be careful if you use this approach as it can cause bleeding.


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