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How to Remove Permanent Marker from Anything

6 Steps to Erase Permanent Marker


A permanent marker is a marking device that is filled with an Ink with alcoholic smell that does not get wiped off easily unlike a temporary or erasable white board marker. The markings made with permanent marker do not get removed easily which is why it should be used only for permanent markings, but in case there is some mistake for which you wish to erase it or if the job of that marking has been fulfilled and you wish to get it removed, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Anything

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Anything

1. Check the Surface:-

In order to erase the marks of permanent marker, the first thing you need to go for is to check what kind of surface is it. If this one is the smooth surface, you may choose to wipe off the permanent marker’s mark using some paraffin oil or thinner liquid, etc. simply sprinkle the liquid and then wipe it off with the help of a dry cloth. The mark of marker will go away.

2. Use Rubber on It:-

In some other cases like a permanent marker’s mark over your geometry or white board, you may choose to wipe it off using a rubber that you bring into use in order to clear off the marks of a pencil. A rubber can wipe off even the old marker marks and it is not even hard to be wiped off and thus proves to be a better option.

3. Rinse It With A Cloth Of Boiling Soap Water:-

In case of the surfaces that are not smooth or in case there is some mark of permanent marker on a metal surface, you may choose to clean it off sprinkling some boiling water over it and then you simply need to wipe it off with a clean cloth. The marks of marker will go away.

4. Apply Some Oil Or Try Scratching, With Blade:-

In case the metal or other surface’s paint or quality does not mean to you, it may also be scratched off with a blade and then new paint can be made or else in case the surface is of glass, you may even wipe off the marker’s mark with help of some good stain remover liquid.

5. Even the Water Soaked Cloth with Tight Hand Works Sometimes:-

Even a water soaked cloth can work in case the marker made mark was a freshly made one. Simply make the cloth wet with water and use it with a hard hand to wipe off the marks made by marker. In case there are some hard to go stains, you may even bring some easy clean marker stain remover solution in use.

6. Use A Permanent Marker Erase Solution:-

A permanent marker cleaning solution can be made wiping the mark off with some acetone or some water mixed with oil can also be used in order to go for the same. Simply use a tight hand for the tough marks and a gentle and smooth wipe off for the easy to go marks.


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