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How to Remove Password from Micro SD / Memory Card

How to SD Card Password Remover


In some phones like Nokia Asha etc. there is a feature to lock your memory card with a password. Even if you don’t have one such device, you can still encrypt your memory card with a password positioning it in a memory card reader and then reaching its properties in the computer system to encrypt it. When an SD card is protected with a password, only the person who knows the password can access the files stored in it and thus a great blunder is caused if you forget its password. In such situations you can easily remove your SD card’s password following these easy tips.

How to Remove Password from Micro SD / Memory Card

Remove Password from Micro SD / Memory Card

1. Remove it with a Password Unlock Tool:-

If you search the internet for a password removal tool or password breaking tool, you will come across countless such applications which can be bought in use in order to break or remove the password of a specific memory card. Simply download such software, install it and then you can run it in order to remove the password from your memory card.

2. The Password Cheat Method:-

You simply have to open the file manager of your mobile for this purpose and then you will have to click system folder in its settings. This folder will have a file with name “mncstore”. Send this file to your computer or laptop and then open this file in notepad application on your computer. You will find the password in this file.

3. Format the Memory Card:-

In phones like Nokia Lumia etc. There is a procedure to format the memory card. You can simply format your memory card in order to erase everything from it. This will erase even the password and thus you will get an as good as new memory card for yourself to store files in it.

4. Install File Explorer:-

Another way to remove the password from a memory card is to bring file explorer in use. Simply install a file explorer application in your mobile and then use the search option to search for files with it. Enter zero in search field to scan system files. Search for file “mncstore”. You can also find it by writing its path “System/Data/mncstore”. A code will be seen to which if deleted will make the password removed. Simply find the file and delete it. Your memory card will get unlocked this way.

5. Try Deleting or Uninstalling the Lock Application:-

In some of the Android phones where people use application lock in order to lock their memory cards, you can easily unlock the memory card by either clearing the data of the concerned lock application or you can also uninstall it by reaching the application section in your device’s settings application.

6. Take Professional Help If Nothing Works:-

If none of the above mentioned approaches proves helpful, you can reach a professional software mechanic in order to get the password cracked or removed by him. Such software specialists keep a professional memory lock cracking software with them which can be bought in use to unlock your memory card.


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