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How to Remove Motorcycle Chain in 6 Steps

How to Remove Motorcycle Chain


A Motorcycle is a vehicle which operates on two wheels with less weight generating more power. A motorcycle gives more per liter average than a car or bus or any other means of transport or accommodation, and thus it is counted amongst the most reliable means of transports. Amongst the two tires of a motorcycle, one is left free while the other is connected with the help of a chain connected with the motorcycle engine from the other side. Engine operates and the motorcycle starts moving ahead.

How to Remove Motorcycle Chain

How to Remove Motorcycle Chain

Sometimes, the same chain starts malfunctioning and thus the motorcycle needs a new chain or sprockets in such cases and thus we have to remove the motorcycle chain in such cases in order to position a new one in place of it or to mend it or repair it back.

1. Come towards the Rear Wheel Side:-

The chain of motorcycle is always connected with the rear wheel. There is a chain box attached to this wheel under which the chain resides or in some other modern bikes, there is no chain cover and the chain is seen open. In all such cases you will have to come to the rear wheel’s side with your tools in order to remove the motorcycle chain.

2. Remove the Rear Wheel:-

Now there comes a time to remove the rear wheel. In this approach you have to make the front sprocket bolts get loosened. Push out one of the chain’s pins in order to remove it after this step and once the pins get removed, the chain will be left free hanging underneath.

3. Change the Ball Bearing to Repair the Chain:-

If there is some breakage in your chain or some ball bearing has got broken or tempered, it can be easily repaired changing the ball bearing and then fixing the chain. If you do not know how to change a ball bearing, you can get the motorcycle chain to some ball bearing store in order to get it mended.

4. Change the Entire Chain Case:-

In other cases where the entire chain has malfunctioned, you can change the entire chain case, removing the nuts and pins from their original place. The new chain box needs to be positioned then and the chain needs to be affixed with the wheel for which we will need to position back the wheel now.

5. Position Back the Rear Wheel:-

We have to position back the rear wheel now in order to affix the chain with it. Chain should be draped in a rotating way with the wheel connecting it from one side with the engine area and from the other side with the wheel. You will have to position back the pins now and then you can tighten the nuts and bolts of your motorcycle wheel.

6. Switch on the Motor Cycle:-

After positioning a new chain box or repairing the old one, you will have to sprinkle some chain oil or grease into the chain of your motorcycle. Try starting your bike while switching it to its bike stand. The back wheel of your bike will start rotating properly now.


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