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5 Effortless Steps to Remove look Keo Pedals

How To Remove Keo Pedals


Keo is a cycling products manufacturing company which was founded in 1951. This company is headquartered in Nevers parts of France and it is famous for its Clip less pedals, high end ski-bendings, apparels and bicycle frames.The company website is http://www.lookcycle.com and it serves to be a name enough brand in the field of cycle part manufacturing companies. If you have a cycle positioned with Keo pedal  and you wish to replace the pedal with a new one or you wish to remove it for some other repair/mending based purpose, you can easily remove a Keo pedal following these simple tips:-

5 Effortless Steps to Remove look Keo Pedals

5 Effortless Steps to Remove look Keo Pedals

1. Take the Help of Crank Arm:-

In order to remove a Keo pedal from bicycle for servicing or repair purposes, you will have to first look to the side where the pedals are attached. A look pedal is always attached to the side of crank arms just like any other bicycle of its kind.

2. Locate the Pedal Spindle:-

After finding the crank arm, you will have to reach its backside in order to locate the end of look Keo pedal spindle. This will feature an internal 0.8centimeter hex head shape and thus you will need a 0.8 centimeter hex key in order to open up the pedal.

3. Stand By The Perfect Side:-

If you ask me the perfect side where you need to stand in order to remove a Keo paddle, I would probably answer you in the side opposite to pedal of your look Keo bicycle as it will enable you to have an easy grip and access to the bolts and nuts. You can even ask someone to assist you during the same.

4.  Use the Key to Loosen the Pedal:-

Now you are in a perfect position to open the pedal. Fix the 0.8 centimeter key into end of the pedal spindle. Hold the crank arm opposite to the pedal for leverage. Rotate the key now into the end of spindle and you will see that the pedal is getting loose with each rotation made. The key is to be rotated in an anti clockwise direction for right drive side pedals and for non drive side pedals you will have to rotate it in clockwise direction.

5. Continue Loosening to Remove the Pedal:-

Keep on loosening the pedal till it does not get loose enough to be removed with hands. Once the pedal gets loose enough, just remove it with hands or with key and place it aside. Also, do not forget to keep the nuts/bolts secure with you. Follow the same approach to re-position a new pedal in place of the old one if you wish to replace it with a new one after servicing.


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