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6 Ways to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently

How to Remove Dandruff At Home


Dandruff refers to the visible flakes of white particles which fall off from your head while grooming your hair. This happens because of scalp problems. Often when your scalp becomes dry enough or there is a deposition of dead cell layering over it, the scalp starts shredding these dead cells and they fall off from your head when you groom your hair. Often, in some of the cases, the amount of dandruff flakes increases so much that you have to find ways to remove it in order to save your image in front of others. If you are suffering from dandruff, you can use these tips:-

6 Ways to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently

How to Remove Dandruff from Hair Permanently

1. Oil Massage Every Week:-

It is a proven home remedy that if you massage your hair once a week sitting under the sun, you won’t experience the dandruff problem with your hair. Simply sit under the sun and get your hair massaged by someone in such a way that hair oil reaches from tips to roots of your hair. Let the hair roots and scalp come in contact with this oil and see the effect yourself.

2. Do Not Apply Hair Oil on Wet Hair:-

Dandruff increases when you apply hair oil on your wet hair. You can apply hair oil on your hair one hour before bathing in order to massage them properly with it and then you can enter the bathroom for bathing. This decreases the problem of dandruff in your hair.

3. Use an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:-

While bathing, you should first rinse your hair with water and then you can apply some good shampoo on them. Generate the lather and keep the shampoo applied on your hair for a while. Now rinse your hair with water and you will see that dandruff got washed away with the shampoo. Using an anti-dandruff shampoo daily can keep your hair away from dandruff problem.

4. Bath in Water with Neem Tree Leaf Juice:-

Neem tree leaves are rich in medicinal properties that make it an ideal substitute for the treatment of hair-problems. Simply boil some neem tree leaves in water and then use that water for bathing purpose after it gets cooled. This will reduce the dandruff problem treating your scalp against the hair diseases and will also help you to keep your hair healthy.

5. Use Egg Yolk with Your Head:-

The content of protein in egg yolk makes it an ideal ingredient to fight hair problems like dandruff and hair-fall. Simply break an egg to take the yolk out of it and apply this egg-yolk once a week on your hair, keeping it applied for an hour and then rinses it off with water. You will soon see favorable results and your hair will get thick, strong and free from dandruff.

6. Apply Hair Oil from Tips to Roots:-

When you get out from the bathroom after bathing, you should make your hair get dried first of all by either wrapping them in a towel or using hair dryer equipment. Now you should massage your hair with hair oil while applying it from the tips to the roots of your hair and your scalp won’t ever encounter dandruff problem.


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