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How to Remove a Car Alarm System

How to Remove a Car Alarm System


A car alarm is a security device bought in use to ensure the safety of the car when we park it somewhere. Suppose if you park your car in an isolated place and someone touches your car or tries to break its locking system, the car alarm will start shouting and you will come to know about it. The thief will thus run away and your car will get safeguarded against the theft, but sometimes, this anti theft alarming systems becomes a headache for the owner as they start alarming even when there is no danger and instead the owner of the car himself is trying to open the car. In such cases, the  car owner might look for the approaches in order to remove a car alarm system and this can be done by following these simple steps:-

How to Remove a Car Alarm System

How to Remove a Car Alarm System

1. Break the Circuit Instead:-

If you are doubtful about your decision of removing the car alarm, and you think that you might need it again in the future, the better option in such a situation is to deactivate the alarm instead of removing it completely. In such a case, you will just need to break the circuit and the alarms will automatically stop functioning.

2.  Remove the Connectors:-

If you have made your mind to remove the car alarm apparatus completely, just begin with the connectors first. You will find the wiring system connected with the help of plastic connectors which do not need to be broken at all and instead you will just have to detach one of the connectors from the other in order to detach the wire apparatus.

3. Unplug the Main Alarm Unit from Bypass:-

Mr. Michigan says that whenever he is to detach the car alarm, he just unplugs the main alarm unit from the bypass unit and he gets sorted. Another person Mr. Aanand says that he never feels a need to detach the main alarm unit as he just trims off the connection wire with scissor or blade, but in our view, this can be dangerous and thus you should not try it.

4. Take The Help of Professional If Needed:-

Instead of trimming or plugging off the wires, it is better that you take professional help as even a single wrong wire cut can cause harm to your entire car. It is never a matter of saving money when the entire functioning of car is put at sacrifice and if you use multiple beaming lights as well as apparatus in your car with mixed wirings, you should rather call a professional than looking to remove the alarm yourself.

5. Detach the Tweeters and Noise Generators:-

Here comes the time to remove tweeters. Tweeters are the small kind of speakers half the size of your palm or even smaller than that. These tweeters are often fixed under the front glass of your car on dashboard with a paper sticker under them. Just scratch off the gluing tape and take off the tweeter removing the wire attachment. If there is another such speaker/tweeter or noise generator attachment used with this apparatus, it is better if you remove it as well.


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