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5 Effective Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups


A hiccup is an involuntary action. It means that we cannot control it when it takes place with us. It occurs all of a sudden and happens within a fraction of seconds. It can be explained in the language of science as a jerk of the human diaphragm which may represent several times per minute causing a “Hic” sound which is why it is named as a hiccup. It can occur to a person individually or it can occur in bouts. The time between one hiccup and the other remains constant. Some even acclaim that the arrival of a hiccup symbolizes that someone is remembering you, but still it is a health problem and we can make solutions to it when it does not stop after happening. In order to stop or prevent hiccups from troubling a person, the following remedies can be bought into use:-

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

1. Drink Water: –

The best and most followed way to get rid of hiccups is to drink a significant amount of water. This relaxes your diaphragm and you are able to control hiccups from happening to yourself. It is even better if you drink in an upside down position as when you are in such a position while drinking, there are maximum chances that hiccups will get prevented.

2. Have Some Sugar Mixed With Honey:-

Mix some sugar powder with honey and put it in your mouth after taking a significant amount of it in a spoon. Keep your mouth closed while taking the spoon in and feel the flavor with taste glands of your tongue. Hiccups will automatically get reduced in number. Besides this, you can also stuff your mouth with a significant amount of sugar alone to make yourself get rid of hiccups.

3. Stop Overeating:-

One major cause of hiccups is overeating. The people who stuff up their mouth with food in a large amount while eating experience this kind of condition after having food. It is advised that you take food in small amounts chewing it properly so as to get it mixed with saliva in a proper way before inhaling and to avoid overeating to get rid of hiccups.

4. Breathe slowly and deeply Into a Paper-Bag:-

Have a paper bag and tie it around your mouth. Now breathe slowly while keeping this paper bag tied around your mouth and you will feel that hiccups have gone. You can also squeeze up an onion and mix it up with fenugreek and coriander juice in order to drink it when you experience hiccups. Hiccups will soon vanish when you drink this juice. It won’t even have a side effect as all these are kitchen ingredients.

5. Try Holding Your Breath for Some Time:-

Old and experienced ladies say that you can try holding your breath for some time in order to prevent hiccups. This should not be done to the point of suffocation, but instead you just need to prevent your breath for a few seconds only. Consult a medical professional if hiccups still persist as it may be the sign or symptom of some other disorder in such cases.


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