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6 Home Remedies for Hiccups treatment

Home Remedies for Hiccups treatment


You may take hiccups as the sudden experience or you may say a reflex action that we experience due to the involuntary squeezing of the human diaphragm. Often the old people tell us that if we experience hiccups, it means someone really is missing us, but let me tell you that it is just because of your diaphragm and as it is the only breathing muscle of lungs, we experience it often sometimes.  They often get treated with time, but in case you need an immediate relief from hiccups, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Home Remedies for Hiccups treatment

Home Remedies for Hiccups treatment

1. Have Some Water to get relieved immediately:-

If you are searching for something that can give you immediate effect against hiccups and make them get stopped immediately from making you suffer, simply reach the water tap and take a glass of water from it and drink it up. Water is proven to stop hiccups immediately in most of the cases.

2. Have Some Cardamom Powder:-

In case it is still not relieved, have some cardamom and consume them biting them off under your teeth, the hiccups will stop immediately. In case the hiccups are still not gone, try consuming the powdered cardamom mixed with some powdered sugar. This is sure to relieve you against hiccups.

3. Have Ginger Juice Mixed With Lemon Juice:-

Take a ginger, juice it up and then take a lemon squeezing it to take the juice out of it. Now this juice needs to be consumed in case you are suffering from hiccups as it has proven to show the desirable results in the most of cases provided with lemon and ginger juice.

4. Have Some Peanut Butter:-

In case the hiccups problem still persists, have some peanut butter that you use generally with your daily bread sandwich and consume it taking it off with your fingers. The hiccups will soon stop troubling you and you will get relieved against this condition for sure.

5. Take Some Sugar or Mulaithi and Let It Juice Up In Your Mouth:-

Mulaithi is a proven tree stem bark that is sweet in flavor and saves you from multiple health problems, including cough, cold, fever and even hiccups. Simply either have a portion of mulaithi be pressed under your teeth to let the juice get released out of it or take some sugar in your mouth and let it get juiced up mixing up with the saliva. This will make the hiccups go away and your mouth will get sweet as well.

6. Do Gargle and Take Deep Breaths:-

In some cases, doing gargle with Luke warm water added with some common salt in it may also make you get benefited against the problem of hiccups as well. Simply do gargle with this warm salt water and get relieved against hiccups or if this condition still troubles you, you may also choose to go for having some deep breathes taken as it has been proven that when you try breathing deeply, there are no hiccups reported in this time.


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