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How To Know Your Relationship Is True or Not

How To Know If Your Relationship Is True Or Not?


Sometimes in our love-life, we feel doubtful if our partner is a perfect partner or not. We are in a strange kind of jeopardy this time in which we can’t spy on our partner as it will mean spoiling our relationship ourselves, and we can’t even manage to ask directly as it will be a bad decision. In such a time, there are certain factors keeping which in mind, we can easily adjudge if a particular relationship is true or not. If you are also in the same jeopardy, the following tips are surely going to work for you:-

How To Know Your Relationship Is True or Not

How To Know Your Relationship Is True or Not

1. Set Your Partner Free like a Bird:-

I met a break-up with my girlfriend last week. I won’t make you irritated by telling you the full story but instead I would like to tell you what reason my girlfriend gave for our break up. “It was you who proposed me; I never fell in love with you. Our relationship was a compromise and it was you who was trying to encage me”, she said. When I thought about this afterwards, I found her point to be right. I was always literally begging in front of her to stay with me for some more time. She must have felt a kind of encaged. In order to know that if your relationship is a true one or not, you should first consider if your partner is with you with his/her own will or are you forcing or engaging your partner to be with you.

2. Go for a Loyalty Test:-

The best way to test the truth of your relationship is to go for a loyalty test. Give your partner all sorts of freedom that you can give him or her and then look if he or she tries to take an advantage of it. True love never believes in taking an advantage of anyone and instead it waits for the perfect time to arrive.

3. Look How Your Partner reacts In a Particular Situation:-

Another working way to depict the level of your relationship is to notice how your partner reacts in a particular situation. This situation can be any kind of situation like when you cry or when you are sad or when you feel jealous. The way your partner reacts to a particular situation can help you a lot in order to decide his/her seriousness for you.

4. Anger, the Best Revealer and Exposer:-

There is a famous saying that anger and hangover truly depict the inner view of a person’s thoughts. In order to reveal or expose what a person is from inside, you can either make him drink alcohol or you can make him angry. If your love is real, your partner will pass both these tests.

5. Get a Clue from His/her Friend Circle and Habits:-

You can also get a clue about your partner from his/her friend circle as these are the people with whom he stays the most of the times. In some cases, you can also try making your partner feel jealous by getting close with someone else for a point of time in an unphysical manner. If your partner is serious for you, he/she will surely feel jealous of that person.


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