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How to Register a Company in India

How to Register a Company in India


To have a great business can only happen through a great idea and this great idea needs a great platform to be created. For most of the entrepreneurs who look forward to create a platform in order to make a hub of working for people generating profits out of it, there needs a company to be established and to take the company from local to national level and from national to global level, It needs to be registered as well. In order to get a company registered In India, A few steps can be followed which can be mentioned as follows:-

How to Register a Company in India

How to Register a Company in India

1. Make a partnership and raise the funds:-

First of all, I will like you to be physically and emotionally ready to go for it as excitement is full of enthusiasm, but it always lacks productivity and thus you are first of all advised to make a partnership and bring forward a group of people to work with you. Raise your mutually gathered funds so that no one may feel a burden of encountering a financial crisis.

2. Have a backup ready:-

The problem with some of the people is that though they are ready to go for an entrepreneurship and are ready to build up a firm but as soon as they get cooperated, they encounter a sort of turbulence and thus their entire strategy gets affected. I will advise you to have a backup ready in case you meet any adverse circumstances and get the company built up in such a way that it affects lives of none of the people working with it in an unfortunate way.

3. Apply For DIN (Director Identification Number) and DSC (Digital Signature Certificate):-

There are two web links clicking which the applications for the DIN and DSC can be made the fees for which are respectively 100 rupees and 400 rupees and time span for which is approximately 24 hours and 86 hours respectively. The web links are respectively: – and

4. Get the Company Name Approved and Get Certificate of Incorporation:-

For the registration of company name you will need to go for the FORM 1A and then wait for the company name to be approved from ROC (Registrar of Company) and then you may be required to go for the form 18 and form 32. The web link to go for the company name registration is this step will take not more than 14 days to be completed.

5. Apply For PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Account Number):-

The rest of approach includes You to go for the application of PAN which refers to the Permanent Account Number and then the TAN which refers to the Tax Account Number following all of these proposals you need to call the toll free business helpline issued in public interest by the government of India and consult if you need to go for something extra in order to get your company registered.

6. What Is Form INC-29:-

Some people may hear about an update which is the Form INC-29. Well, this one is an improvement to the company registration process and this has been issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) through which a new company can be made incorporated and this enables an entrepreneur or a group of cooperatives to come forward and then get the application fortified within a single step.


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