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6 Secrets to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

How To Avoid Fine Lines And Wrinkles?


Fine lines and wrinkles are the first sign of ageing. People say that you look the most gorgeous till you are in your early thirties, but as soon as you grow up in age, you experience loss of beauty in the form of ageing and these two are the main signs of it. Though ageing is a natural phenomenon, but with a little knowledge of cosmetic products and medicinal remedies, you can easily make yourself look younger even till late fifties. You can avoid fine lines and wrinkled adopting these simple tips:

6 Secrets to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

How to Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

1. Stay Sun Protected:-

According to a famous make-up expert, the sun is your worst enemy if you are trying to find something to cure fine lines and wrinkles. The more you stay exposed to the sun, the more likely you fall a prey to skin problems and thus as a first step, I would advise you to move out of your house only once you are completely covered. Even if you are clad in a sleeveless outfit, you can manage to apply some good sunscreen lotion on your body to make yourself completely protected against the harmful effect of sunrays.

2. Cleansing and Face Wash:-

You should cleanse your skin daily in order to end fine lines and wrinkles. You can purchase some good face-wash from the market for this purpose. A face-wash helps you to open up the clogged or jammed pores of your skin. Dead cells, dirt and pollution can make these pores get clogged with its effect. If you adopt both these habits in your daily lifestyle, you stay away from signs of ageing as well as fine lines.

3. Face Pack and Face Mask:-

Face pack as well as face mask both can help you against the problems of ageing. You can make a face-pack yourself at home mixing some ingredients like lemon juice, neem leaf extract, gram flour, turmeric powder, Aloe-Vera juice, Sandalwood powder etc. Use this face pack daily in order to get benefited against ageing.

4. Vitamin-C, the Best Enemy of Fine Lines Problem:-

Vitamin-C is the best cure for problem of ageing and especially for the problem of fine lines. Oranges, Amla and lemon are the food ingredients rich in Vitamin-C. Dry some orange peel portions under the sun and convert them to a powdered form. Mix this powder regularly to your face pack or face mask in order to get benefited against the problem of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Wash Out Make-Up in Time:-

You should never let your make-up be applied while sleeping. Clean your makeup every day before sleeping and never be lazy to remove it as else it can make you comes across many other additional skin problems as well.

6. Regular Care of skin:-

There are products like Olay and many other such skin ageing fighting creams which come formulated with various ingredients that help you fight the signs of ageing. The rest of approaches include a regular care of skin and treatment based on signs. You can stay in touch with a good dermatologist in order to get advice from his side as well.


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