5 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Android Mobile Phone

5 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Android Mobile Phone


Generally it is that we mistakenly delete some files that are important to us and after they get deleted by mistake, the entire approach of creating them again is to be repeated by the individual in order to recover those files, but in case you have got some urgent files that get deleted, you have to suffer the worse circumstances because of it if the file can’t be created again and was urgent for you. In case you have got some important files that got deleted by mistake and now you wish to recover them back again, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

5 Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Android Mobile Phone

Recover Deleted Files From Android Mobile

1. Get Them from the Cloud:-

There is an option to upload the files to one drive or to the cloud in every modern day phone and when one switches on the data, most of the files in the memory of phone’s system automatically get uploaded to it which proves to be an advantage and when some of these files gets deleted from the memory locations, you can download it back from the drive.

2. Android Data Recovery Program:-

There is also an application designed for this purpose that can bring back the deleted files. This program is known as android data recovery program and you can use it by simply downloading it entering its name in the Google’s search field and downloading it from the dedicated web link provided by the search engine.

3. Restore the Backup:-

Generally most of the applications in a smart phone like Whatsapp or Hike etc are enabled with data backup features which means the files received through them meet a backup to the device after a certain interval of time and thus if you have met the loss of such files you can bring that backup in use.

4. Using The Debugging And Android Data Recovery Options:-

There is a dedicated option in every smart phone these days which is called the USB Debugging option which enables a user to access the developer options within a device and thus he can make changes with the device connecting it to his computer and thus you can access the android data recovery options afterwards.

5. Get Them Professionally Recovered:-

In case there is no approach that proves to be successful for you, you may also choose to go for taking help with some professional developer who exactly knows the usage of debugging options so as to recover any file or else you may choose to go for clicking the undo option that appears immediately after you have deleted an image from the gallery so as to recover the file back.


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