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How to Rebuild Trust with an Ex Girlfriend

How to Trust Your Ex-Girlfriend Again


A girlfriend who has left you or has been left by you after a break-up is called Ex-girlfriend. After a break-up, you are never able to trust your partner again. Whenever you try to build up trust again on your girlfriend, the old mistakes committed by her come to your mind again and it fills your mind with an urge to stay away from her. Everyone in this world deserves a second chance. If she was good enough when you were in a relationship, you can consider about forgiving her mistake and you can trust her again following these steps:-

How to Rebuild Trust with an Ex Girlfriend

How to Rebuild Trust with an Ex Girlfriend

1. Appreciate One of Her Efforts:-

Obviously, when you are looking for options to trust back your girlfriend, this means that she is making efforts to gain back your trust right? Well, just pick one of her attempts to do this and accept her proposal but this time with a warning that she won’t be able to get you back if she makes a mistake again.

2. Twice but not thrice:-

When there is no reason left for you to trust your girlfriend, just ask yourself that why you had been in a relationship for such a long time. Convince yourself to forgive your girlfriend for this reason only. Also tell yourself that though you are forgiving her for the second time, but you won’t forgive her if it happens to another third time as this time it will be a matter of self-respect.

3. Keep a Spy over Her Habits for Some Time:-

If you feel doubtful that she has changed or not, just keep a spy over her habits for some time. Watching her habits from a distance will make you experience if she has changed or not. If you think that she has got changed, you should surely give her another chance, but if she is still the same, you should not let her take your advantage once again.

4. Look If a Change has really arrived:-

Even if you agree to take her back in your life, don’t forget to notice her habits. Give her a chance only if she really changed. Tell her that you are not able to accept that she has really changed, but still you trust her on the name of a relationship which existed amongst you both.

5. Sometimes, Even Friends and Relatives can help:-

If her parents are known to you, you can go and meet them in order to ask them about the changes that have taken place in your girlfriend during this time. Even friends or relatives can work if her parents are not in your knowledge.

6. Talk and Make It Clear:-

Talk with her and make it clear that she is a free bird and you impose no boundations on her from your side. Tell her that she is free to choose another partner. Is she still refuses to go away and chooses to stay with you; it will get easy for you to trust her.


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