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6 Steps to Read Body Language and Facial Expressions

How to Read Body Language


Body language can be understood as a kind of language in which you don’t physically talk to a person but make an idea about him by the means of his body aspects like physical behaviour, facial expressions, posture, gestures, eye movements and contact, the way of walking etc. If you get perfect in judging a person by his or her body language, It can really tell you a lot about a person and if he is fake or genuine. You just need to be extra attentive and you will easily be able to judge others because of their body language.

6 Steps to Read Body Language and Facial Expressions

How to Read Body Language and Facial Expressions

1. Noticing the Behaviour:-

The first thing that you can do in order to read the body language of people is to notice their behaviour. The way they behave with you and others can help you a lot to determine what is their state of mind. Suppose if a person keeps on abusing others but treats you in a princessly way, It is either that he loves you or he wants to take an advantage of you. If the person treats all others in a gentle and polite way and keeps cut off from you, then may be that he does not likes you and wants to stay away.

2. The Way of Talking:-

The another thing that can help you judge a person by reading his body language is to notice the way how he talks. Suppose a person is using humble words, It means he wants to create a favourable impression and if he looks angry, maybe there is something wrong with him.

3. The Way of Standing:-

The way somebody stands can also help you determine somebody’s state of mind by reading his or her body language. Suppose someone is standing by the wall’s side taking a support of it, This means that the person lacks confidence or if the person walks with one feet walking slower than the other, May be he or she is injured.

4. Eye Contact Can Tell You A Lot:-

The way somebody makes an eye contact with you can also prove to be a judging factor sometimes as somebody has rightly said,” Those who never look in your eyes while talking have a liar inside them as eyes speak what the lips fear to say. Eye contact can thus prove to be a big factor in judging a person on basis of his or her body language.

5. Some Even Tease You Being Your Reflection:-

If someone is trying to copy you exactly as you do, means that the person wants to tease you trying to be your reflection. This type of person will try to speak copying your voice, move on lips like you and will even try to copy your standing and sitting style as well.

6. How To Judge If Someone Is Reserved?

If somebody is a bit reserved, He will stay apart of the crowd and whenever you will call him to talk on some topic, This type of person will stand folding his arms like a bouncer. You can easily judge these types of person as the way they talk, the way the stand all depicts an attitude that itself defines them and thus you can read people through their body language easily.


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