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How Ranveer Singh Made His Body For Ramleela?

How Ranveer Singh Made His Body For Ramleela?


Ramleela was one of the best ever movies because of the role that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone played in it. Ranveer Singh’s body in this film was really mesmerizing. It was well shaped and well figured. Ranveer Singh brought about a drastic change in his physical appearance for this movie and he compromised on calories besides working out of it. According to words of Ranveer Singh, his best advantage was that he was not an alcohol drinker and besides this, a few changes to his schedule and a bit of hard workout made him achieve this kind of body for Ramleela. The workout plan followed by Ranveer Singh in this movie was also really appreciable.

How Ranveer Singh Made His Body For Ramleela?

How Ranveer Singh Made His Body For Ramleela?

1. Secret behind the Ripped Muscular Body:-

According to Ranveer, it was very much difficult for him to develop six pack abs. He had to considerably command the intake of meals and water. He had to undergo 3 months of functional training with lots of exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

2. Ranveer’s Six Pack Abs and biceps were not made in a day:-

True is when we say,” A single day is not enough to build muscles”. Same was the case with Ranveer who started it with the warm-up process and continued with his training. His actual duration of training was around 45 minutes in which he was supposed to go for a ten minutes warm-up process and a 30 minute workout using breaks in between. He was kept on a High Intensity Training workout plan where he was made to practice bundled dips, thrusters, pushups, pull-ups and even burpees.

3. Ranveer’s Diet Plan-

The diet plan that Ranveer followed was also not an ordinary one and instead his every meal was monitored by his trainer. Each and every portion of his diet was considered and watched by his trainer. His food was salt less, raw and tasteless. His diet included fish; Broccoli, turkey etc. and even the ingredients were cooked in oil-less manner. Chapattis or rice or sweets were completely banned in his case and he was given a protein shake after the end of his workout. The workout program followed by Ranveer Singh is called “Drastic Transformation Program”.

4. Secret Behind Ranveer’s Hot Body-

Ranveer looked really hot in his movie “Ramleela”. He was wearing a kedia (Front open Gujraati Jacket) and all other sorts of Gujraati attires which made the audience see his muscular body form. Even the director Mr. Bhansali has advised Ranveer that he looks great when he goes shirtless.

5. Ranveer’s Inspiration:-

According to Ranveer, he saw an image of Hrithik Roshan where he had built his body at the time of ‘Krissh” which is a movie part of “Koi Mil Gaya” series. He asked Hrithik’s trainer Kris Gethin to train him for making his body, but that time he was busy and thus he made Lloyd Stevens fly down from UK to train Ranveer for his movie and instead of achieving about the desired results in a span of 12 months, results were seen with Ranveer in just six months of workout.


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