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Ragging Definition – What is Ragging?

Ragging Definition – What is Ragging?


Entering from school to college, A word is commonly heard to most of the students and that is ”Ragging”. People give you warning to stay away of students with intentions to do your ragging and the seniors that preferably will try to practice it with you. When we ask some fellow friend about the concept of ragging, He or she will simply tell us like,“ The seniors will ask you to do something humiliating or will try to bully you” and the student who is entering from school to college feels threatened and devastated about this act and some of the freshers even fear to go to colleges because of it in their starting days.

Ragging Definition - What is Ragging?

Ragging Definition – What is Ragging?

The Concept of Ragging:-

The concept of ragging was introduced to make new students or freshers get easily adjusted in the new college environment, making friends with seniors as they will be available whenever the juniors will need some help.

Many traditions came in fashion associated with ragging some of which included get together sessions between seniors and freshers that involved some interaction based tasks like singing, dancing or any other such thing that was done so as to make seniors get close with the new comers.

The Change of Meaning of Ragging:-

This was the good form of ragging but later on it took the shape of a bad form that included dare tasks that were meant to humiliate the juniors and to create pressure on them. Some tasks even included a new comer to slap some teacher or to propose some female teacher that made the ragging process go vulgar opposite to the purpose what it was meant for.

The situation became worst when the tasks got transformed into more evil ones that included some male student to get topless or to wear female clothes and dance in the class like a strip model or the females were now given tasks to get hooked up with some senior or to kiss or to show cleavage or to come clad in a specific attire or to propose some males senior etc. These vulgar tasks made some of the new comers choose to suicide because of the humiliation and some students were seen jumping from the college terrace as well.

The Issue of Anti Ragging Rule:-

With the increasing cases of suicides and terrace jumps increased, the government of India decided to take an action against this process and to ban it completely. Supreme court of India passed a circular that mentioned that anybody found trying to do ragging of any student in any way will be held by the law. An anti ragging helpline number (1800-180-5522) was issued to students that they could call any time when any senior tried to do ragging with them and thus there came an anti ragging era.

An anti ragging department was made and an anti ragging mailing helpline was also launched ([email protected]) that students could bring in use so as to lodge complaints against the seniors trying to make ragging with them. The complaints could be made directly or anonymously and thus there came a ragging free era. Now ragging is completely banned in India and anybody found practicing it can be held with law.


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