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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace


Racial discrimination refers to the discrimination that is made on the basis of the race of a specific person. This difference may be made on the basis of an individual’s caste, region or religion or even by the means of biological difference amongst various individuals. When you are working with a specific organization or a firm and that becomes a hub for you to face discrimination based on the race, this is termed as the racial discrimination at the workplace.

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

1. The Essence of Racial Discrimination Based On Workplace:-

Racial discrimination involves the racial biased behavior that is done with an employee at the work place. Like suppose you are a person from Scheduled Caste and the people of your firm ask you to broom the floor just because you are a Scheduled Caste individual, this will be regarded as racial discrimination. Racial discrimination may involve the discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, culture and everything related to your race.

2. Is It Right To Categorize Someone On The Basis of Race?

It is never right to judge someone on the basis of his race. If the person is working for you then it is equally your need to hire him as it is his need to be hired and thus you need to treat every worker with respect in an unbiased way. If you categorize someone on the basis of race, it means you don’t have a temperament to handle the firm. Those who don’t have a temperament to treat everyone equally should never try opening up a workplace and hire people.

3. What Is Involved In Racial Discrimination At The Workplace?

The racial discrimination at workplace involves approximately everything, including the attitude of your colleagues towards you, the attitude of your boss while talking with you and the words that they use while talking. If these people use words based on your religion or caste, you are being discriminated on the base of your race.

4. What are your rights against racial discrimination?

The constitution of India has clearly specified, each and every member of the country to get equal treatment in an unbiased way. All the people should be treated equally and each of them has got rights that make them liable to go by the law if anybody tries to discriminate them and treat them unequally or inferior to others while at a work place. If somebody is trying to molest you on the base of religion or case, you can choose to go by the law and this might make the person get behind the bars or a heavy fine might also be imposed on him.

5. Need to Bring a Change In Temperament:-

One side we say that all Indians are brothers and sisters and one side, we make discrimination regarding caste or religion or race of an individual. This shows how much backward our mentality is becoming day by day and thus there is a great need to bring about a desired change in temperament and to treat everyone equally in an unbiased way.


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