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How The Races of Mankind Were Originated

How The Races of Mankind Were Originated


We hear the fact most of the times that world today is in the grab of racism and often one thing strikes our mindsets and that is, How these races and racism must have originated. From the very first, we gain our senses and start recognizing this world, we become accustomed to the fact that there is something like races that people are divided into and one of the races is superior or inferior to the other. Well, in order to get the answer to question, how these races got originated, let us get a little bit deeper and find an answer to it.

How The Races of Mankind Were Originated

How The Races of Mankind Were Originated

1. Basically, one biological species, Homo sapiens:-

There is basically one single species of humans and that is scientifically named as “Homo sapiens” or what we call as humans. All the people come under this category though there may be a slight variation because of the skin tone.

2. The differences are not huge:-

Though there are differences between each and every individual, but these differences are not too different from each other. Basically, these are the changes that have taken place with us because of evolution that our forefathers had met and there were some features that came from them while some got modified or replaced with the new ones.

3. The difference is just of the skin tone, the facial hairs and Language:-

There are a few species of Homo sapiens that are divided by the society, not the almighty and these include the ones like the American Indians, The Australian Aborigine etc. Now this division was made by the humans only and the base for this division to be made was the skin color, the facial hairs and the languages spoken. In post renaissance period when people begin exploring new nations to enslave people; this difference was made by the so called enslavers as only the white man was in center that time.

4. The Races Got Further Subdivided Because Of Some Internal Selfishness’s:-

As I told you that in post renaissance period, people had started exploring new nations and enslaving people for working in their work fields and basically the white man was in center at that time because he believed that ‘He is, because he can”. This thinking made him meet an upraise and thus the others were divided by him into categories.

5. The Origination of Racism:-

The origination of racism was totally because of the fact that there were some groups of people who considered them to be much esteemed from the rest of others and the people who were less esteemed were supposed to be the slaves. This temperament of enslaving the fellow people had resulted in bringing forward racism.


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