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Rabies Vaccine In Dogs and Treatment

Rabies Vaccine For Dogs


The virus when infecting a mammal (animals with mammary glands including the dogs, cats, humans, cows and monkeys) affects the spinal cord that is located in the brain of that specific mammal and makes it mentally disable. The disease is likely to get transmitted by the biting of the rabid animal or simply by its saliva.

Rabies Vaccine In Dogs and Treatment

Rabies Vaccine In Dogs and Treatment

Dogs are the animals that are generally found within every area as they are thought to be men’s best and loyal friend and thus the disease is mostly related to the dogs.

How would my dog get rabies?

The animals with rabies in them secrete a large amount of virus in their saliva and the disease thus gets passed to the dogs through a bite from any infected animal and then gets transmitted to the other animals through the saliva of the dogs as they keep on licking everything and even through their bite and the scratches if any made by them is also likely to get us infected.

The saliva of the infected dog when coming in the contact with the mucus membrane or the open or fresh wound causes the disease to the other mammal.

If your pet dog generally remains around the wild animals, he is also likely to become rabid, thus there is always a need to get your pets vaccinated from time to time in vet-hospitals and even you need to be vaccinated if there is a possibility that a dog or some other animal with rabies has bited you. If you have a pet dog that is not vaccinated and is allowed to keep roaming outdoors without your supervision may be at a risk of developing this disease from an other animal coming in contact with it.

Rabies treatment for the dogs:-

rabies becomes un-curable once the mammal starts showing the symptoms of the disease and there is no treatment option left after that and the mammal is sure to die a dreadful death. Rabies is a serious health threat to the public and the dogs that are suspected to have the virus present in them are euthanized most often.

The dog with rabies in it starts fearing water till it survives some how and lives a fearful life like a mad animal often itching all of the time. Though there is no treatment for rabies yet, still the disease is likely to be prevented if the person keeps his vaccinated properly and takes him to the vet-hospitals time to time to have its check –up done. The puppy of three months age can be vaccinated for preventing rabies in it.


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