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How to Quit Addiction of Facebook

How to Quit Facebook


Facebook is a social networking website application that was launched to connect people from far off places and keep them united but though the application is an awesome one to be with still there are some problems associated with it and one of these problems is the Facebook addiction which makes its meaning go reverse than what it was actually meant to be. People have started getting addicted to it and now they live a virtual life rather than the real one. The family involvement has reduced and thus there comes a need to go for the approaches that can help you get back to life, leaving this addiction of yours and help you quit Facebook some of which are as follows:-

How to Quit Addiction of Facebook (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Quit Addiction of Facebook

1. Self Control:-

Though limited use of Facebook is of no harm to us, but is this makes us go addicted to it, we can seek for the approaches that make us quit it and the topmost amongst these is self control. Learn to control your Facebook using habit. Use it once or twice a week and then limit its usage to once or twice a month, soon you will be able to quit it like this.

2. Deactivation:-

Facebook gives you an option to deactivate your account. If you think that Facebook is making you addicted to it, you can go for deactivation process in a way that it enables you get rid of Facebook for a desired time that you can specify and then you will be able to reactivate it when you need.

3. Permanent Deletion:-

If deactivation does not satisfies you, you can even go for a permanent deletion of your Facebook profile and doing so, your profile will get deleted permanently in next fourteen days and you won’t be able to access it again. This can help you a lot to quit your habit of using Facebook.

4. Switch To Some Other Social Networking Application:-

If you are not able to quit using Facebook as you don’t have any other means of communicating with your relatives, you can manage to download some other social networking application like Whatsapp or Wechat etc. in order to change and limitize your habit of using Facebook.

5. Spend More Time With Friends And Family:-

The next thing that you can do in order to quit using Facebook is to spend more time with your friends and family. Go for outings with them and take part in family functions. Go and explore new places and make new friends. World is much large out of Facebook.

6. Take More Interest In Household Works:-

Besides spending more time with friends and family, I will like to advice you to take more interest in family works and household works. You can manage to help your father in his business or you may choose to help your mother in the kitchen. Help your sister in washing the clothes or take the responsibility of the external household affairs by yourself. The more you stay engaged in household jobs, the more you will be able to stay away of Facebook.


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