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6 Best and Quickest way to Get Rid of Indigestion

Get Rid of Indigestion


Indigestion may refer to the problem of an individual in which the digestive system is not working properly and the individual meets various disorders related to it as well. These may include the feeling like you will meet a stool, but what does not happens or sometimes there may even be traces of stomach ache related with the person as well. If you are experiencing the problem of indigestion, you may choose to go for the following approaches that we are mentioning here.

6 Best and Quickest Way to Get Rid of Indigestion - HowFlux

Quickest way to Get Rid of Indigestion

1. Fennel seeds/ carom seeds powder:-

Mix some fennel seeds along with carom seeds and some sugar to it and place it on the dining table so as to make everyone take a teaspoon of it after they eat the food. You must have seen this trick being practiced by most of the restaurant and hotels. Well, let me tell you that they do it because fennel seeds are proven to aid indigestion and make the food get digested in a better way.

2. Ginger tea for stimulation of digestive juices:-

The ginger root which may look to have a bad taste if you eat it raw, but let me tell you that if you take the juice out from it with some honey added to it or you add ginger to the veggies that you make for food, the food will get digested in a better way as ginger has got the properties to stimulate the digestive juices which makes it an ideal home remedy for the treatment of indigestion.

3. Go herbal for cure of indigestion:-

There are certain herbs that have been found to be effective against the problem of indigestion and it has rather been universally proven that herbal treatment is associated with fewer side effects then the medicinal or drug based approach and thus you may choose to go for herbal treatment of digestion as well.

4. Make use of diluted baking soda:-

Take some baking soda, preferably half teaspoon of it in a glass and then add water so as to make it get diluted. Drink this solution if you have met indigestion and you will get relieved for sure. I myself have tried this remedy and can say it will work for sure.

5. Dilute apple cider vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar which is a type of vinegar made from apple and cider can also work in some cases. Simple take a portion of it and add four portions of water to that. Gulp the solution if you meet the indigestion problem and you will get relieved for sure. Apple Cider vinegar rather is cheaply available at all the retail stores and can be made at home as well.

6. Onion juice plus coriander juice:-

Take out some fine onions and juice them up. Now take this juice in a bottle, adding some coriander leaf extract to it and take a portion of it every time you or some other member of the family experience indigestion. You may choose to add some rock salt to it as well. This formula is my self tried formula and rather both these things are always available in almost every kitchen.


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