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How Protein Shakes Help To Build Muscles

How Protein Shakes Help To Build Muscles


Protein is the basic body building part of our food. A constant supply of proteins in our body ensures proper build of the body and also makes us gain muscles. Protein is basically made of amino acids and amino acids can help you in building muscles and body. Because of the same reason, it is advised that we take a diet rich in proteins when we are on a gym workout schedule.  Proteins help in building, repair and maintenance of body tissues and they are also essential for optimum muscle growth.  When we have a protein shake, we are actually having an intake of amino acids in our body and thus it helps us to build muscles as well. Here are some ways in which proteins help us to build muscles:-

How Protein Shakes Help To Build Muscles

How Protein Shakes Help To Build Muscles

1. Helps You to Maintain a Positive Nitrogen Balance:-

It has been seen that protein shakes help an individual to maintain a positive balance of nitrogen in their body. A protein is made up of elements like hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and content of carbon etc. Now when you have a significant amount of protein in your body, it associated you with a positive balance of nitrogen and thus you get benefited in the form of muscle build-up.

2.  Helps You to Cope Up With Negative Nitrogen Balance:-

Contract to it, protein consumption also makes you cope up with the problem of negative nitrogen balance as well. The catabolic state is likely to get treated by the consumption of proteins in your diet.
The body gains energy in the form of breakdown of hard earned muscle and thus we need a diet rich in proteins to cope up with that.

3. Helps You to Ensure Recovery between Workouts:-

We are likely to get exhausted because of workouts. When we drink a protein shake, it brings about a kind of recovery for us.  It makes you gain an adequate supply of proteins and that too without any added calories in your diet. It keeps you in an anabolic state and thus you stay even more active during workouts.

4. Enhances the Release of Enzymes:-

By taking protein shakes, you are actually enhancing the release of enzymes in your body. If you eat more protein, it ensures more enzymes to be released in order to digest them and as a result, body building is made easier for you with the intake of more proteins.

5. Enhances Digestion:-

Proteins enhance the process of digestion as well and thus it becomes another health benefit of what we get from proteins. It has rather been noted that an excess of proteins sometimes can result in negative outcomes as well. A person should thus take proteins in a limited amount only.

6. Helps to Ensure Growth of Cells and Tissues:-

It is advised that you take protein shake either one hour before your workout session or you take it one hour after your workout session. This helps you to ensure as better growth of cells and tissues in your body and as we know that muscles are nothing but a cluster of cells that together form tissues, the repair of cells and tissues means growth and repair of muscles as well.


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