How to Protect Your Knees While Running

How to Protect Your Knees While Running


Human knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the human body structure of bones. The knee joins your femur (thigh bone) to the shin bone (tibia).  When you go for marathons or any other such sports activity that includes you to run in it, you are likely to experience pain in your knees, which generally happens due to the accumulation of lactic acid at that place. A human knee is the most affected part during any physical process and thus you should ensure knee protection measures if you are an athlete. Here are some ways in which you can ensure the protection of your knees.

How to Protect Your Knees While Running

How to Protect Your Knees While Running

1. Stretching Exercises before Beginning Any Run:-

Famous marathon runner Mr. Jitender Bangar from Gurgaon advises that we should perform stretching exercises before beginning any run as it facilitates our body joints to prepare them for a long run. Besides this, you should keep your speed slow in the beginning while you should increase it when the end of the marathon is near. Some people make a blunder of increasing their speed to top level at their first kilometer run but soon their knees leave their company and thus they have to slow down in order to sit somewhere. It is advised that you keep your speed slow during first several kilometers, so that you may increase it when your legs gain equilibrium.

2. Use Knee Protection Bands:-

Besides this, If you will look at the running/playing protection products available on several online as well as offline sports stores, you will find that cotton knee bands are also available on such shopping places. You can purchase knee protection band and other such protection stuff for yourself to use them while playing or running to safeguard your knee.

3. Consume Calcium and Protein Health Supplements:-

Besides this, you should take enough calcium in your diet to keep your knee joints healthy. Cheese, Milk, egg yolk, yoghurt etc. can prove to be the best consumable in this direction. You can also take protein supplements to build about your muscles, but this should be done only after consulting it with a good dietician.

4. Avoid Heel Strike and Never Over-Stride:-

It is also advised that you avoid heel strike and over strike. Keep your knees swinging slow while you make a strike and besides this, never let any stumble or movement affects your knees. Wear shoes with spikes to avoid this stumbling effect while running on a playground, but do not wear such shoes while running on a road.

5. Stop Walking If You Experience Pain:-

If you experience tremendous pain with your knees, you should immediately meet your doctor. If you had met a bone injury some time back, you can get an X-day made for your knee to know if fracture/bone damage has taken place and you can consult a surgical specialist to recommend you the treatment or medicinal options as well.

6. Use Hot Oils to Massage Your Knees:-

If you go by the medicinal market, you can find several hot oils and massaging ointments to use them with your knees. Such ointments and oils provide a heating effect to your knees and make you overcome the damage made to your knees by running. Besides this, you should stay in touch with a health professional to consult him about the medicinal options in this direction as well.


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