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4 Pros and Cons of Having Wind Power

Wind Power Pros And Cons


The power generated by the blowing wind is called as the wind power and as we know that in this type of power generation, a turbine is attached to the windmill that results in the functioning of the generator which produces the electricity, this approach is practiced on global level in today’s world. Just like every invention comes with some pros and cons even the wind energy has got some of them and these pros and cons have been mentioned by us in this article.

4 Pros and Cons of Having Wind Power

4 Pros and Cons of Having Wind Power

Pro’s of Wind Power:-

1. First of all, wind energy is a clean source of energy and it does not generate any kind of pollution. It does not involve the usage of harmful chemicals and rather it is a renewable source of energy, unlike the fossil fuels that take millions of years to occur again.

2. The winds are available in abundance which is again a pro of wind power. The cost of production is cheaper and it provides livelihood as well as source of energy to millions who were deprived of electricity earlier.

3. Even the landowners who have got their piece of lands in the areas with great wind speed can rent their property and earn huge profits giving way for great business opportunities this way.  Rather, wind energy proves to be an emerging hope for the future as the world today is really conscious about the facts like global warming, pollution etc. which are minimized sign wind power.

4. The advancement of technology and the increase of resources has become another major pro of using wind energy. Earlier, the major portion of the fuels was purchased from the other nations and thus there were less options for power generation within the country, but as the wind power came in existence, people have now got relieved against the extra costs that they had to pay earlier for the fuels and the duties imposed on them.

Con’s of Wind Power:-

1. The first and foremost con of wind power is that it is a less reliable source of power generation. The wind speed is not always the same and the most of turbines are just functional to the 30% of their capacity with wind power.

2. The birds that come across the blades of these wind mills get killed within no time. The wind power also becomes a threat to the wild life as it generates noise pollution as well. The positioning of wind mills is rather expensive and the set up and maintenance is rather beyond the budget of many of the people.

3. The noise generated also puts the people living nearby to the threat of loss of hearing capability and even the extra high speedy winds can damage the blades of wind mill which may prove to be a hazard for the normal forms of life as well.

4. Beyond all this, the wind energy stays limited only to the areas where the wind speed is desirable as the wind speed is not always the same with every area that you choose and thus this also puts wind energy legging behind.


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