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How to Properly Service your Car in 6 Steps

How to Service Your Car


A car is the best way of traveling from one place to other on four wheels. These days’ cars have become a need of every house. With a great power there comes a big responsibility and with a good car there comes the need for service and maintenance. You need to get your car serviced once every three to four months in order to improve its engine life and to make it stay functional for even longer. Car servicing is an easy task. All you need is a bit of knowledge for this purpose. You can adopt the following tips in order to service your car yourself at home:-

How to Properly Service your Car in 6 Steps

How to Properly Service your Car

1. Vacuum Clean your Car:-

The most important thing to begin with while servicing your car is to vacuum clean it first of all. We can never control the amount of dust entering our car and this dust is mostly deposited on car’s dashboard, under the seats, on floor mats and other such places. Simply plug-in a vacuum cleaner and use it in order to suck off all the dust particles in it to make your car get clean from inside first of all.

2. Give It A Water Wash:-

Not just inner cleanliness is necessary but your car should shine from outside as well. You can begin from washing your car with detergent mixed water in this step. Rub the mudguards in order to remove mud deposited under them and also clean the entire body of your car from outside. Now use a polishing gel in order to give finishing shine to your car.

3. Change the Engine Oil:-

Here comes the turn to change the engine oil. Mac, Gulf or some other good brand engine oil can be bought in use for this purpose. Remove the old oil and replace it with a new one. You can also check if any other component in your car’s bonnet needs to be replaced or mended as well.

4. Change the Disk Break Oil:-

Most of the cars either operate on hydraulic braking systems or disk braking systems. You should keep checking the disk brake oil with every service of your car. This oil is meant to keep braking system working properly. If brake oil ends or ejects out, the braking system may fail. You can check the brake oil tank in this step and add more disk brake oil if needed.

5. Change the Filters and Coolant:-

The car coolant and filters also need replacement after a certain period of time. You can change/replace the filters and coolant of your car now. Check if wipers are functioning properly or not and also remember to check if any wiring connection needs to be mended or it is finely working.

6. Inspection of Braking System:-

Last but not the least, you can add distilled water to your car’s battery if it needs it and you can inspect the braking system of your car afterwards. Check tire pressure and tire quality now. Your car will be ready to operate after all these steps get accomplished.


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