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6 Professional Steps to Become a Landscape Architect

Professional Steps to Become a Landscape Architect


A landscaper is the one who deals in the landscaping related construction contracts, consultancies and other services. A landscaper is basically a landscape designer or an architect that plans the spacing, greenery, and other means for luxury regarding a specific location. You may take these as the professional architects that are specialized in landscaping. If the career in landscaping appears to be a dream career for you, you may choose to go for the simple tips that we are mentioning here.

Professional Steps to Become a Landscape Architect

6 Professional Steps to Become a Landscape Architect

1. Complete the Basic Education and Appear For the Entrance Exam:-

In order to become a landscaper, the first thing that you will need to go for is to complete the basic schooling and that too either with the combined stream or the non-medical stream. This will follow an entrance test that may depend from area to area. The marks that you secure in this test will prove to make a way for you in the college or university depending on the marks cut off list.

2. Complete the Architect Bachelor’s Degree:-

Now after you secure the desired marks for the entry to some institution that specialises in the bachelor’s degree in architecture, you may choose to pay off the fees and get admitted in that. Simply complete the course with interest securing good marks and go for the further studies if necessary.

3. Get Trained and Get Licensed:-

Though the bachelor’s degree in architecture with landscaping as a specialization is enough for you to get trained enough to serve as a landscaper but still you may choose to go for assisting some professional so as to get trained enough in this field. The degree will follow a license that will be issued to you as your degree gets completed.

4. Even the Campus Placement Offers Do Value A Lot:-

Yes, even the placements options can do a lot for you but that you will need to check while going for the admissions only. Simply get admitted in the college that has got the best placement options for you and you will get sorted. Placement options include the campus selection that can really help you fetch a job for yourself.

5. Wait For the Government Recruitment Notifications:-

You may also choose to wait for the government offices based recruitment notices so as to make a way for yourself in government registered institutions. The government based websites on internet will help you a lot for this purpose. There are several non-government agencies as well that will pay you an awesome salary scale after they hire you.

6. Open Up an Office:-

If you are hired by a private firm you may choose to work with them or even if you wish to employ yourself, you may choose to open up an office after you get licensed and develop contacts with people so as to get landscaping contracts for yourself. A landscaper’s work speaks for him and when people will come to know about the masterpieces that you have landscaped, your work will automatically start increasing after that.


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