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Main Procedure to Give up LPG Subsidy

How to Give Up LPG Subsidy


LPG subsidy is the subsidy that we get on our LPG cylinders that we use in the kitchen. It is the form of financial aid provided from the government’s side as a return of funds paid to the government for purchasing an LPG cylinder. When you purchase an LPG cylinder, you pay full amount for it and after sometime, you get a portion of your money back as a subsidy. Prime Minister Narender Modi launched a campaign for people in which they could give up this subsidy amount so that the poor people could get LPG cylinders for themselves and it proved to be a kind of magic as thousands of people give up LPG cylinder subsidy daily in order to support P.M’s voice and cause for which this campaign was launched. In order to give up your gas subsidy, the following tips can be bought into use:-

Main Procedure to Give up LPG Subsidy

Main Procedure to Give up LPG Subsidy

1. Visit the website:-

Open up your browser and enter in its URL field. At top portion, you will see an icon reading “Click to give-up your subsidy online”. At the bottom portion, you will also see the number of people who have already given up subsidy.

2. Click the Give-Up Subsidy Icon Given At Top:-

You have to click “click to give up subsidy online” option provided at the top now. Once you click it, a message window will get displayed on your screen asking you to choose company name from provided options. It will provide you three options out of which one will be Bharat gas, the other will be HP gas and the third will be “Indane gas”. You have to choose any one out of these clicking the circle provided against the name. Suppose if you are an Indane customer and you click the circle provided with “Indane” option, you will be redirected to a new page with link

3. Enter Your Details now:-

To continue with the procedure, enter your details in this option. This will include your LPG pass book details.  Your LPG subsidy will be given up this way and you will add to the number of those who have given up their LPG subsidy for this noble cause. “A scroll on honor” is also available for those who have participated in this scheme. This scroll of honor will contain your name, customer number and other such details related to your account.

4. Give It Up Using Contact Number Of Your Service Provider: –

Click the distributor link of your particular gas service to reach the distributor page related to your gas service. For example if you are an indane gas customer, you can click which will directly take you to the distributor page where you can enter state and district to find your gas service provider’s contact number. If you are a Bharat gas customer, you can click  this will take you to a map of India from where you can click the particular state where you live along with the district when the map magnifies. You will be able to find your distributor contact once you click the district area. If you are an HP gas customer, you can click which will directly take you to the distributor contact location form. Just find your distributor contact from these links and call it in order to give up your subsidy.


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