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What Is The Procedure For Court Marriage

What Is The Procedure For Court Marriage


Court marriage is a marriage that people do with the process decided by the courts. Unlike a normal marriage, these marriages are not done with family members gathering in a huge garden altogether with holy people bless you and chanting of mantras or stage receptions to be done, but instead takes place in the front of a marriage registrar who approves your marriage in front of a witness and registers you as a married couple by the rules of law fulfilling which you can make wine and dine along with your friends as a reception. The whole procedure for a court marriage can be explained as follows:-

What Is The Procedure For Court Marriage

What Is The Procedure For Court Marriage

1. Reach the Marriage Registrar:-

In order to get the court marriage done, simply have a meet with the marriage registrar first of all and ask him for the entire approach that needs to be followed. The registrar will ask you for the documents that you need to submit along with both of your ID proofs as well as addresses so as to invite objections, if any, and if there is no objection made, the marriage would be held on the specified date and time.

2. Fill the Marriage Registration Form:-

There is also a marriage registration form that you have to fill along with the documents attached to it that would serve as the proof of your marriage in the law. Simply fill the form entering both of your details along with the reason of court marriage as well as the problems that might be faced and you would get sorted. You may even ask for police protection as well.

3. Attach the Documents:-

After that step, you will need to attach the documents and this may include your voter ID or adhaar card and your proof of age along with the proof of residence and even the proof of income in some of the cases. The photocopies of these documents are to be attached along with the form afterwards.

4. Get the Guarantor’s Signature Made:-

The next step that will be included in this procedure will be to reach the registrar along with the form and the guarantors that may be any of the elder members of your family and they would have to make signatures on the form guaranteeing that they approve your marriage and pray blessings for your future life and that they have seen you both being married.

5. Get the Papers of Marriage ready:-

After it the registrar will issue you a marriage certificate and after you get it, simply keep it preserved so as to show when needed as it will serve as the proof of your marriage when someone asks you for it. Being a smart fellow, you can even choose to get some photocopies made in advance for future purposes.

6. Make the Party, Wine and Dine:-

After the entire procedure of court marriage ends, you may simply choose to go home along with your partner or you may choose to party, wine and dine along with the witnesses, family and friends throwing a reception function for all.


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