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5 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu Infection and its Treatment

How to Prevent Swine Flu Infection


Swine Flu or H1N1 flu is a respiratory illness of pigs caused by infection with swine influenza A virus (SIV). Those who stay in direct contact with pigs are likely to get infected with this disease and thus it is likely to get spread from them to us. The symptoms include fever and other flu-like symptoms and thus here in this article we are explaining some of the ways, adopting which you can readily prevent this disease from spreading further.

5 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu Infection and its Treatment

Prevent Swine Flu Infection and its Treatment

1. Wash Your Hands Properly:-

Have a hand wash liquid put at your wash basin. You can even manage to put some disinfectant soap near your wash basin, or you may even have some disinfectant liquid like that of Dettol or Savlon put at the place where you wash your hands. Use warm water to wash your hands if the disinfectant is not available. There should be a great care taken before eating anything raw. You should wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming them.

2. Burn A Camphor Ball:-

Another way to prevent swine flu is to burn camphor balls near your place. You can even manage to take camphor steam once a month to get relieved from having any case of swine flu. Camphor is considered to be a great home remedy to prevent swine flu as well. You can even manage to keep camphor balls at every corner of your house as camphor balls sublimate directly from solid to gas and thus help you get rid of the swine flu infections.

3. Cover Your Mouth If You Are A Patient:-

If you are a patient of this flu, I will advise you to keep your mouth covered and not to kiss or make contact with any other member of your family. You are advised to live in a separate room and your bed sheet, clothes, curtains, etc. should be regularly cleaned separately by a person who follows the protection standards as well. If you are someone among the family of a swine flu patient, you also are supposed to keep your mouth covered.

4. Do Not Share Your Food:-

If you are a patient of swine flu, you should not share your glass of milk or water bottle of food half eaten by you with anybody else. The utensils in which a patient of swine flu eats should be washed properly with warm water and disinfectant as well. You are also advised not to make any sexual or direct contact with your wife as well.

5. Tulsi, Garlic, Turmeric:-

Make tea with Tulsi leaves in it. The scientific name of “Tulsi” is “Ocimum Sanctum” and it is called as “Basil” in English. You can even add garlic to your veggies. If you wish, you can even take some warm milk every night and morning with Tulsi leaves kept in it while boiling and you can even add a pinch of turmeric in your milk while drinking it. You can even go for Aloe Vera products as they are found to make you immune against swine flu products. The rest is known to everybody that you are to maintain proper hygiene in your surroundings and report the case if any to the nearest health care center as soon as possible.


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