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How to Prevent Sickness Before it Gets Worse

how to prevent sickness before it gets worse


The best way to prevent any kind of sickness is to have preventive measures bought into use against it. You can stay away from every kind of illness if you take care of what you eat and how you live. In old days, when there were less hospitals, people often felt less ill, but today, despite of living in an area with a plenty of hospitals, people keep on falling more ill than before. Well there is nothing to panic in that as you can still safeguard yourself against all kinds of sicknesses by just following these simple steps:-

How to Prevent Sickness Before Worse

How to Prevent Sickness Before Worse

1. Take Care about Cleanliness:-

It has been said that the more you ensure cleanliness and hygienic conditions in your surroundings, the more you stay free from diseases. Eating spoiled or unclean food can make you a victim of diseases like jaundice etc. Even if you are eating healthy but your surroundings are not clean, you are still likely to fall ill as the mosquitoes and flies breeding in that dirt and filth are sure to arrive in your house with the bacteria and germs carried on their body.

2. Take Ginger and Garlic Paste in Your Cooked Food:-

Ginger and garlic both have been found to be rich in digestion improving and cancer risk reducing properties. Avoid processed and junk foods and completely eliminated spicy or oil cooked food as all such kinds of food products make your heart weak and add to the level of bad cholesterol level in your body.

how to prevent sickness before it gets worse

3. Use Neem Juice while bathing:-

The extract out of neem tree bark can also be applied directly on skin affected with acne, blemishes and other skin problems. Besides this, you can use turmeric and neem on your face and you can have a bath in water added with neem tree juice.

4. Take Care about the Nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet:-

The food items that you add in your diet should be properly rich in the type of essential that your body needs. For example, if there is a deficiency of iron in your body, you will experience disease of anemia. If there is a deficiency of calcium in your body, you can experience joint pain and if there is a deficiency of Vitamin-C in the body, it can cause you the disease of scurvy. You should maintain a balance of protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet to stay healthy and safeguarded against a particular disease.

5. Avoid Fats and Soyabean If You Are a Male:-

If you are a male, you should care about your sexual health as well as hormonal health. Products like soyabean are likely to reduce the process called libido in males and thus you should avoid such food items in your diet. If possible eat the food items that enhance the production of testosterone in your body. Take shilajeet daily as it is a powerful sex power booster tonic for all.

6. Perfect Balance of Potassium and Sodium If You Are a Patient of Blood Pressure:-

People these days also complaint about diseases like sugar or blood pressure at a very tender age. I will advise you to start taking amla juice and mango tree leaves extract in order to prevent sugar from happening to you and in order to safeguard yourself against blood pressure problem, you just have to look about the amount of sodium and potassium that you take in your diet reducing intake of Sodium and increasing intake of Potassium as much as you can.


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