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How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home

how to prevent cockroaches from entering your home


Cockroach is an insect of the arthropod family which is characterized by its filthy body with antenna and multiple paws. It is one of the most annoying pests that we find in the sewage pipelines and sink/washbasins of our house. These are not just bad in physical appearance, but they are bad in several other ways as well. They act as a carrier of diseases from one place to another. They contaminate food and they spread micro-organisms. They also make damage to other objects in house such as cloth items, books etc and thus nobody likes to keep them in their house. If the number of cockroaches is increasing in your house these days, you can easily eliminate them out of your house by following these simple tips:-

how to prevent cockroaches from home

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Home

1. Use a Pesticide/Insecticide Spray:-

There are special farmer shops in every district and town which deal in fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals. Just reach one such shop in your town and ask them to give you a suitable pesticide or insecticide spray for killing cockroaches in your house. They will hand over a bottle of these chemicals to you and you can later on follow the instructions written on the bottle to use these chemicals in your house for killing cockroaches.

2. Put a Poisonous Bate for them:-

Cockroaches mostly attack clothes, pipes and food items. Just mix up some poison with one such item and place it near a cockroach infested site. The cockroaches will try to eat it up and they will ultimately die. There is also a kind of chalk available in market which shows poisonous effect against ants and cockroaches.

3. Just Crush Them with Your Broom And Take them outside:-

When there is no such option available in your house for killing cockroaches, you can crush them while pressing your broom against their bodies one by one.  Just crush them with your broom and take them out of your house. These days electronic insect repellent devices are also available which prevent cockroaches from entering the house by emitting a kind of sound which is bearable by our ears but cockroaches can’t bear it.

4. A Cockroach Spray:-

Most of the mosquito repellent spray based companies are also launching their products for cockroach and insect repellant purposes as well. The companies like Mortien and All Out have launched such sprays which can be sprayed in the area infested with cockroaches to make them die without even indulging in any kind of violence with them. These products are so effective that a cockroach does not run inside your house to save his life, but instead tries to move out of the house and ultimately dies.

5. Usage of Liquid Concentrates:-

Liquid concentrates are also available in the market which can be sprinkled on cockroach infested areas to get rid of them. If nothing else is available, just open the sewage main whole lid and use a water pipe to flush off all these cockroaches in a single go with water.


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