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How to Present a Research Paper in a Conference

How to Present a Research Paper


A research paper is a paper prepared by researching on a specific topic. This includes a study of a particular topic first and then only a paper is presented. A few days back, a research paper submission program was organized in our university where countless professors and assistant professors had arrived in order to present their research papers. I was highly impressed and affected by many of them. Many a times people often ask me the way to present a research paper and thus I decided to note down one good point in each of those who represented their research papers with our university. You can adopt these points in order to present a research paper in a better way.

How to Present a Research Paper

How to Present a Research Paper in a Conference

1. Have A Review of Two Books from the Same Age:-

Suppose we take two poets/writers of the same age say John Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale” and S.T Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. Both of these poets belonged to the Romantic age, which was an age of sensuousness and romance. Now, if I have to present a research paper on romanticism, I will just take any of two such writers from the same age and I will write a review about both the books in my research paper making comparison between style, method and theme etc. chosen by both the writers.

2. Compare the Comments of Critics on Those Works:-

Whenever some writer writes a book, there are many critics who make comments on his work. Even Shakespeare could not be left of this. His play “King Lear” has been criticized countless times and there was a writer who also re-wrote it with a new happy ending. You can research about all such comments from critics in order to add them to your research paper.

3. Know about the Conditions of That Time:-

If I am writing a research paper about Romanticism, I would first read about that time. I should know what exactly was included in this age and why most of the poems written in this age used to be “odes”. I will also research about the life and method of writing of the poets of this age and then only I will reach any conclusion to add in my research paper.

4. Bring Forward the Similarities and Drawbacks:-

While comparing the works of any two poets/writers in your research paper, you should try to bring forward the similarities as well as drawbacks of both of them. You should see not only the good points of their work, but instead you should also see the flaws as well. If you think there could be some improvement made in it, you can criticize the writer making a comment.

5. Add what you think about it:-

Also add your personal opinion about the work. First, go through the research papers written earlier on this topic and try to keep your research unique. It should not look like it has been copied from somewhere. Though points can be similar in many ways, but words should look genuine and your own.

6. Add Whats New You Found About the Topic:-

A research paper is not just about all what you researched from the internet. If you know where a playwright/story/poem etc had been written, you can reach that place in order to know more about it. This will make you a kind of connected with the author and you will be able to research in a better way.


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