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Presbyopia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Presbyopia Treatment, Causes And Symptoms


Presbyopia is an eye problem most commonly occurring as the person gets aged. In this condition, the eyes of a person become poor to focus or the near sight get diminished. The signs of presbyopia in an individual include a sort of straining in the eye or the person becomes unable to see in poor or dim light or to focus on small objects.

Presbyopia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Presbyopia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Presbyopia occurs generally in the age of forty to fifty years and the ability to focus on the objects nearby keeps on getting poorer throughout the rest of lifespan of that individual. Firstly it becomes difficult for that person to read up the fine prints in a news paper or in a low or dim light. The vision of the person is thus likely to get blurred. The person thus feels that his arms should have been more longer so that they could read clearer. The person, though is able to read in the sunlight as it is bright one and the iris gets closed to a small diameter in the sunlight.

People can go for a correction of the eye lens as soon as they come to know they have become presbyopic, but some people like farmers or home makers or the illiterate people with less knowledge of the disease don’t know what actually they are suffering from and they need to be councelled and then should go for the treatment options.

Treatment of presbyopia:-

Generally, the images seen by the eye of any individual are translated to the electric signals and that get transmitted to the brain to get interpreted. To treat presbyopia , one might go for the correction of the eye practiced by using the corrective lens with the eyes of the individual.

Bifocal lenses may be used by the patient for the treatment of presbyopia to correct both the near and the far visions.

Nowadays even there are variety of contact lenses available in the markets or the spectacles shop that are able to improve both the near and the far visions of the patients or the patients can even go for the surgical options that provide vision solutions to those who do not want to wear glasses or the contact lenses. Surgical options to reshape the cornea of the eye are also available nowadays.

The patient can even go for the other options like lensic laser with the proper councelling and the preference of the specialists.


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