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Pregnancy Symptoms, Cramping, Fatigue and Tiredness

Symptoms of Pregnancy


Pregnancy Period:-

Each woman is different from the other somehow and so is their experience with the pregnancy. The symptoms are not always the same thus for every women and are dependent from one case to the other. The symptoms can be different for women in the case of the first pregnancy and may differ again in the second pregnancy for her. The symptoms thus differ in every case.

Pregnancy Symptoms, Cramping, Fatigue and Tiredness

Pregnancy Symptoms, Cramping, Fatigue and Tiredness

though the best method to judge if the female is getting pregnant is to go for a pregnancy test but there are some of the symptoms that can be seen to determine if the women is pregnant or not.

The generally seen symptoms of the pregnancy can be classified as follows :-


There may be a sort of spotting or cramping seen few days later after the conception when the fertilized egg or the ova attaches itself to the walls of the uterus in a female being the first sign of pregnancy.
There may be a sort of implantation bleeding in the female that occurs anywhere ranging from one week to two weeks after the ova gets fertilized.

The Changes In The Breasts:-

There may be a sort of change in the breasts of the mother as the hormone lever gets changed rapidly after conception and the breasts may start to get swollen and may get sore or tingly a week or two week later and the breasts may even feel tender to be touched and the area around the nipples of the female may start to get darkened in color when the women enters the stage of pregnancy.

Discharge From Vagina:-

There may be a white and milky discharge of certain fluid from the vagina of the female seen in this case and this happens as the vagina walls are getting thickened.

The discharge of the white fluid remains as it is throughout the period of pregnancy and thus proves to be the indicating fact about pregnancy.

Fatigue And Tiredness:-

The female may start feeling much tired and the stage may be associated with morning sickness or what we call nausea may even affect her. The sense of smell may get heightened and the female may even be associated with back pain.

Desire To Eat Something Sour:-

Old women generally say that when a female is about to get pregnant, she feels like she should eat something sour that may be regarded as the symptom of getting pregnant after sometime. Some even say that the mother feels like to eat the mud in some cases as the small kids like to do in small age.


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