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How to Pray the Rosary Catholic With 20 Mysteries

How to Pray the Rosary Catholic


You might get the meaning of rosary wrong by thinking that it just means a field of roses, but the meaning gets beyond it if I go by the religion. In Catholicism, the meaning goes slightly different. It can be regarded as a string of prayer beads that Catholics use to count to make prayers while in church. Praying a rosary is easy task, but you have to go by the rules of Catholicism to follow it. The simple steps by which you can pray a rosary have been explained by us in this article.

How to Pray the Rosary Catholic With 20 Mysteries

Pray the Rosary Catholic With 20 Mysteries

1. Eligibility For Praying A Rosary:-

Anybody who is a catholic or even not a catholic can go for praying a rosary, but he should know twenty mysteries associated to meditate upon while praying along with the six easy prayers to make. You can search more about these mysteries and prayers in detail using internet.

2. How To Count:-

In order to make counting’s, you will need rosary beads, but even if you don’t have them, you can go for making counting’s with your fingers and meditate to the name of lord. The rosary will start up with the apostles creed and then follow up the others.

3. Prayers To Make:-

The first amongst the prayers to make is “The apostle’s creed” the second one is “ Our father”. The third one is “ Hail mystery” the fourth one is “ Hail Mary’ the next one being “ glory be” etc. the details of these prayers can be searched for added knowledge.

4. The Optional Fatima Prayer:-

In this prayer, we request the lord Jesus Christ to forgive us for all the sins that we have made. Save us from the fires of hell and bring all our souls to heaven, especially those who need your mercy to be flourished on them.

5. Those Who Seek Private Devotion:-

Those who seek for private devotion, can even go for the prayer for the holy father in which we recite the prayer that is started with a leader who starts with this line,” Upon this rock He will build his church… and then all repeat after him,” O mother of the Redeemer” the prayer continues with lines between “leader” and “all” that can be searched to learn up the full version or there are special books for it that you can purchase.

6. The Twenty Mysteries:-

As I told you in the first point, there are twenty mysteries related with the praying of rosary and these include, “ The Annunciation”, “ The visitation”, “The nativity”, “The presentation”, The finding in the temple”. There are some luminous mysteries as well that include “ the baptism in the Jordan”, “The wedding of Cana”, The proclamation of the kingdom, “the transfiguration etc.

There are some sorrowful mysteries and some glorious mysteries as well that you will need to know before going to pray rosary and there are mysteries for certain special weekdays that categorize these mysteries to be recited on special weekdays. The whole essence is in achieving meditation by praying Jesus besides it. If you still feel confused about anything, just watch out the videos that are available online about the mysteries and the prayers that you need to know before praying the rosary.


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