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How to Polish Gold Ornaments at Home

How to Polish Gold At Home


Gold is one of the most valuable and precious metals on this planet earth. It is lustrous, malleable, ductile, and sonorous and is bought in use to make most of the expensive ornaments and jewellery. After some time of continuous usage, there is a slight dullness observed in the shine of gold which it had in it when it was purchased and in such cases, we plan a gold polishing. Gold polishing makes the gold item start shining once again and thus we get it as good as new. You can follow these simple steps in order to polish gold at home:-

How to Polish Gold Ornaments at Home

How to Polish Gold Ornaments at Home

1. Cleaning the Jewellery:-

To polish gold ornaments or any other thing made of gold, we have to clean it first. In this approach, we use a cotton ball dipped in detergent solution to clean the underside of the gold ornament to get rid of dirt accumulated in it or you can simply place the thing made of gold in detergent solution for fifteen to twenty minutes.

2. Scrub the Jewellery:-

After keeping the jewellery in detergent solution, we find that most of dust and debris accumulated over it has got mixed with the detergent solution. Now you have to take a scrub and start scrubbing the gold ornament with it. The scrub will make the ornament get rid of even that dirt and impurity which did not go when you dipped the ornament in detergent solution.

3. Clean It with Ammonia:-

According to a home maker, using cotton dipped in ammonia solution to clean your gold ornaments can also sometimes show favorable effect. This makes the gold start shining like it came when it was newly purchased from the gold smith’s shop.

4. Toothpaste and Water Cleaning:-

Some even advise toothpaste and water based cleaning for this purpose. In this approach we apply tooth paste on the gold ornament and place it aside for a while. Now we scrub the gold ornament spraying water on it and it starts shining like anything.

5. Do Not Use Aqua Regia:-

Aqua Regia is a solution which is often used by thugs and frauds to steal gold from you even without letting you know about it. Actually aqua regia can make gold get dissolved in it and even if someone claims that it will help you to polish your gold ornament, actually he will be befooling you by reducing the amount of gold in that ornament of yours.

6. Use Liquid Polish for Added Shine:-

You must be using a car wax or car polish in your home to apply after washing your car right? Well the same polish can be bought into use afterwards to provide added shine to the gold ornaments. The actual polishing performed by goldsmiths in their workshops includes the liquid gold polish to be sprayed on ornaments while beating them or heating them on the flame. You should not take risk to perform this job at home as it may result in damaging your ornaments.


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