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How Pole Dance Can Improve Overall Health

How Pole Dance Can Improve Overall Health


Pole dance is a form of dance that it performed around a pole. Mostly this kind of dance is performed in dance bars and other such places, but it has been found that if you add this dance to your routine, it can bring about a desired improvement in your overall health as well. Though this dance was historically related with strip clubs and night clubs and thus it is taken to be a worse habit of dance form, but still it can improve your overall health as it is basically nothing but a combination of dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical burlesque pole.

How Pole Dance Improve Health

How Pole Dance Improve Health

1. Improves Your Fitness Level:-

Pole dancing acts as a kind of core workout where you don’t have to engage in doing sit-ups or pushups and pull-ups but you just dance in order to maintain fitness. It has been scientifically proven that anything done with interest pays the best results and when you do any exercise while dancing, it is likely to show much improvement in your body.

2.  As Good As Gymming or Gymnasm:-

If we believe to the researchers, pole dance is as good as any other form of fitness like gymming or gymnasm. It includes a dancer to engage himself or herself in athletic movements such as climbing, spinning and moving body by taking the support of pole. This requires the core strength and thus it shows similar effects as rigorous exercising can show for you.

3. Beneficial in Non Sexual Form:-

Most of the people hate pole dance because they take it in sexual form. If you see pole dance in a non-sexual form, it will have equal benefits for you as cardio or aerobics can have for your health. Rather pole dancing is less exhausting than any other form of workout, but comes out with results as good as them.

4. Improves Your Physical Strength and Endurance:-

Pole dance increases your physical strength and endurance. It tones you up and makes you lose weight. This exercise of dancing involves muscular activity of your body and thus it is rather much beneficial for toning your muscles as well as body. Most of the gym equipments cause a tremendous pain in joints when you leave gymming for a couple of days, but pole dance never causes any such problem to you.

5. Good to Gain Flexibility and Activeness:-

Pole dance helps you enhance your back and make you gain flexibility. Most of the moves that you make while performing this kind of dance also help you stay more active than the other days and thus it is advised that you follow pole dance in your daily life to stay more active than the other days.

6. Both Aerobic As Well As Anaerobic Effects:-

Pole dance can be done in any form. If you do it outside or at roof or in an open room with air flow allowed in the room, it will give you all the benefits of an aerobic exercise. If you do it inside the house, it will be an anaerobic one. The benefits stay the same with each and every way you take it. These days special pole exercising is also being introduced in some countries to avail these health benefits and that too in a non-sexual form.


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