How to Make Playdough With Flour and Salt (5 Steps)

How to Make Playdough With Flour and Salt

How to Make Play Dough


Play dough or colorful clay is one of the best toys that a child in his kindergarten class plays with. Often children in playschools are also provided with a pack of play dough to enhance about the essence of creativity in them. Play dough can be created mixing any favorable amount of modeling clay or by preparing it at home so as to provide a playful but a healthy environment for small kids. Play dough is easy to be made at home and it proves to be a great fun for you and your kids. If you also wish to make some play dough for your kids to make them play with it building toys of their own creativity, you can follow the following easy steps:-

How to Make Playdough With Flour and Salt

How to Make Playdough With Flour and Salt

1. Gather the Essentials:-

In order to make play dough, you will need ingredients like Food colors, warm water, clay, flour, salt, oil, vessel, scent, tartar or perfume etc. You can find readymade play dough in stationary shops which acts as a substitute for play dough. The difference in play dough and play dough is just that, play dough is hygienic as it is made from dough of floor while play doh is just a portion of clay mixed with colors.

2. Mix up Any Kind of Colors If You Are Making Play Dough with Clay:-

It depends on your child’s habits of eating that you should provide him with play doh or play dough. You can give him clay mixed with colors if you are sure that your child won’t try to eat it or else you can make it with flour and other such ingredients that we have mentioned in ingredients.

3. Make Hygienic Play dough:-

Take a bowl and mix the ingredients like flour, food color, salt, oil, scent, tartar etc. in it. Mix the oil with ingredients first. For every 250 gram of dough, we should use an amount equal to ¼ of its portion of food color and we should use 2tbsp of oil.  Besides this, we can use a slight amount of perfume or scent such that it is tolerable for the child.

4. Just Keep It Healthy enough:-

Do not mix any kind of ingredient which is supposed to be unhealthy for your child. Just keep it natural or else there is no harm even in clay. Mixing oil is also necessary as it will keep the clay smooth enough to be molded into any shape by just press of fingers. It won’t even stick on your child’s fingers when he/she plays with it.

5. Customize Your Play Dough Ingredients:-

You can customize your play dough ingredients by making change with food colors and kind of dough bought into use. This can be done according to availability of ingredients in the kitchen or else you can also purchase readymade play dough from some stationary store as well. You can find many recipes of making play dough, but all these approaches just include to make dough balls which can be shaped up to any size when the child plays with it.