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How to Play Peekaboo with a Baby

how to play peekaboo with a baby


Peekaboo is a game of babies. Most of us have played one of the other versions of this game during our childhood. The game experiences slight modifications with each area, but the procedure still stays the same. In this game, one of the players will hide his or her face and pop back into the view of another. “Peekaboo” is a word which is repeated while doing so. In many cases, the word “peekaboo” is changed depending from area to area, but the game still remains the same. If you also wish to play this game with your baby, here are some tips which will assist you during the same.

how to play peekaboo with a baby

How to Play Peekaboo with a Baby

1. Establish A Friendly Relationship with Your Baby:-

Most of the babies play only with the people who are not stranger to them and thus you should first establish a friendly kind of connection with the baby. Such a connection is best established amongst a baby and its parents. You can customize your way of playing peekaboo according to you and your baby’s preference.

2. Bring Your Hands In Front of Your Eyes:-

Here is the best way to play this game. Just bring your hands forward in front of your face such that your eyes get hidden after your hands and then remove them back. The baby will start smiling when you repeat this. It will be a kind of facial hide and seek that you and your baby both will enjoy.

3. Say “Where Is the Baby” Or “Let’s Find the Baby”:-

If your baby is somewhat big, say one year or so, you can hide the baby’s face with a piece of cloth saying “Where is the baby?” The baby will keep hiding under the piece of cloth. Now just pick up the cloth and say “Here is my baby”. The baby will start smiling like anything and even he/she will try to repeat the same in most of cases.

4. Use Bed Sheet to Hide the Baby or Yourself if you play this in the Room:-

You can play peekaboo in your living room making the baby lie on your bed sheet and then playing this game with him either by hiding your face with hands or hiding your face with the bed sheet. This helps in development of thinking power in baby and he feels rejoiced enough to play this game with its parents and other members of the family.

5. Look at the Baby while smiling:-

Most of the babies understand the language of smiles even if they can’t speak and thus you should never forget to pass a smile when the baby finds you or you find him. You can customize your reactions and way of playing according to the way your baby prefers to play it or you can also learn it from some other mother in your house to know her way of playing this game as well.


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